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Blugh.  I've been not particularly active lately because last week was eaten by being actively sick, and this week has so far been eaten by residual sick combined with whumping exhaustion.  My pipes are full of blech and trying to cough it up has resulted in fairly nasty headaches for the past couple days.  To compensate, I keep taking two hour naps after getting home from work--today I walked in the door, dropped everything, and fell straight into bed.  The poor kitty was stuck outside the bedroom door singing the song of her people and I'm sure was very confused why her human was ignoring her after finally coming back.

But one more day, and then I will have a three-day weekend.  I am going to sleep in so hard on Friday, people.  I am going to do exactly nothing that I don't want to do and leave my resting bitch face on all day without feeling anxiety over it.  Maybe if the weather permits I will take a sketchbook out to one of the local parks, who knows! 

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But not unwelcome!  I think Buffalo surprised everyone today, especially Boston.  It's great that a different team ended up winning the Isobel Cup for the second year of the NWHL (I just wish it had been the Rivs... ;__;).  Especially such an underdog as Buffalo was coming into the finals, barely getting into third place.  I suspect if they'd had to play Boston and New York in the opposite order, it would have been a very different story.

(I really need to make myself some sort of hockey user icon.)

I was also rooting for Buffalo going into this game because I saw that Harrison Browne decided to retire at the end of the season, and I wanted him to get his name on the Cup before he went.  Although I think he's planning on staying involved with the league in an advisory capacity, which is great all around.  It sounds like Brianne McLaughlin is also retiring, but what a game to go out with.  She was the reason they won today, and definitely deserved the MVP.

The rink they played in for this game was much better from the broadcasting standpoint, even if the crowd looked a lot smaller spread out across a rink that has seats all the way around it.  I hope they can update the visual feeds for the home ice venues next year to the level this one had, because it makes a huge difference for the broadcast/streaming quality.  It's a damn shame that they are usually stuck in practice rinks that don't have the kind of A/V support they need to really make it a viable viewing experience for people watching remotely.

I can't wait to see how next season goes!  Hopefully they can get more sponsorship deals and some games on TV.  That would be spectacular.  (And one year closer to potential expansion, yey.)

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If I had to sum up the past couple days, it would be "blaaarg".  I've come down with some sort of sick that is all in my chest, and I'm desperately trying not to lose my voice.  I had to apologize to some people on the phone for being all croaky today.  It is really quite unpleasant, and I do not handle being sick graciously.  "Whinging" is a symptom that seems to always accompany it.  : P

Otherwise, I read this really good TED talk today (yes, read, I tend to be able to follow better by reading the transcript instead of watching the video).  This is something that all creative people should think about, no matter whose story they decide they are telling.  I think personally my art owes a lot to my experiences as socialized-female and cis-female-bodied.  It's not to say that people whose experiences don't mirror mine couldn't find meaning there, but much of what I do is in coming to grips with myself. 

But I think it's likely that no one can put into their art universal truths of the human experience, because such a thing does not exist.  Even the one big thing that everyone experiences--death--is not something that everyone approaches the same way.  So we shouldn't say of anything that this is "the" story--it is only "a" story.

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So, I know they were playing for nothing but spoiling Boston's perfect season, but I'm so jazzed about the Riveters beating them 3-2 in the last regular-season game of the year!  :D

Katie Fitzgerald is a ridiculous goalie.  She carried the rest of the team for several stretches of the game and made some absolutely spectacular saves.  And yay also for Amanda Kessel continuing her points streak.  Now they just have to beat Buffalo on Friday and (almost certainly) repeat against Boston on Sunday to win the cup!~

I really wish there were NWHL teams out in this part of the country.  I would love to go see one in person, but there's no way I can go all the way to the east coast just for a hockey game.  Hurry up and get an expansion division out here already!
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This is the part where I come clean up front to say that I am mostly writing so that I can check off my "journal" task on Habit and have the perfect day buff tomorrow.

(Don't judge; it will motivate me to actually do something with my afternoon because my tasks will be worth more monster-killing.)

I'm looking very forward to the weekend because I didn't get much of one last week, at least by my standards of having a certain amount of time not being around people.  We went to visit my parents and while it was a good time, I didn't have much "me" time.  So I've kind of been aimless this week and could use a recharge.  Here's hoping the time change on Sunday will not throw me off too badly.  Plus side: more sun at the end of the day.  Minus side: blaaarg losing an hour of sleep.

I'm kind of glad I'm learning about Access in a course, because I keep thinking up new and interesting ways to use it to help consolidate my record keeping and if it were up to me I would be charging into learning Forms already and probably missing some important things.  But I am so impatient; I want to start mucking about with my test database and I really really need to know how to do Forms in order to make the design work!  Le sigh.

Hokay, I think this is sufficient.  Let's all hope tomorrow my head is on straight.
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The past few days I have been working against my brain rather than with it, which has unfortunately meant that not much is getting done.  Besides having to disbelieve my bad!brain telling me untrue things, I'm just finding it damned hard to concentrate on much at all.  I have about half a dozen things on my to-do list that I really ought to get to, but I'm pulled in all directions and can't manage to sit down and start any of them. 

Plus, the new Torment game came out last week and I started a play-through.  I'm trying (mostly successfully) to limit my play time so that it doesn't eat my life.  So far the game is quite fun and fascinating in the same way as the original.  I'm purposefully avoiding anything like a strategy guide so I can try to work through it without any spoilers or direction.  My dominant tides seem to be tending towards Blue and Silver, and I feel slightly guilty whenever I do something that adds to Red.  : /

The art is gorgeous though, and much more colorful (un-dreary) than the first Torment.  I can see why this took so long to make.  I look forward to finding out what the heck is up with my party members, also.  There are Stories there, I can tell.
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Sorry, AARP, I'm only about halfway there.  Try back again in a couple more decades.

(My first AARP membership spam mailer!  I must have reached some sort of milestone!)
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a stone
tumbled in white-water currents
thrown against its sisters as every mile of riverbed
passes by, too swiftly.
a stone
cast from river mouth to sea
finds in the deep, cool water
silence and

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For all the amazing things my birth control pill has done for me, the one symptom it has not even touched is the absolute whumping exhaustion I get for two or three days right before my period.  Yesterday I took a nap in the afternoon and a nap after dinner out of necessity.  I got a pretty decent night's sleep but I'm still just crawling along today.  Also my eyes are doing that thing where the muscles in your eye socket ache from being so tense and...yeah, I am not going to fault myself for taking it easy this afternoon too.

I'm apparently having my character's dreams too, because last night I dreamt that Nefin was a Canon and menacingly watching Dahlia in a jail cell from a scaffolding.  (This is totally a dream she would have.)
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As the title says.  I worked a full day today, because one of my bosses is out of town and I found out last night that the other one would be calling in sick.  Thankfully, it was extremely quiet for a Monday and there were no crises.  I don't think I even have to qualify that with "no crises that couldn't wait until Tuesday".  At least I was able to pack a lunch.  However, I didn't sleep particularly well last night and I ended up having to brew extra coffee around lunchtime to hold on to my ability to string two words together.  Bottom line is that right now I feel exhausted and strung out, and I dare not have any more caffeine because I'm right on the edge of having a racing heartbeat as it is. 

And now my kitty is climbing on me.  Gee, it's almost like she missed me today.

So yes, I had grand plans of making an Indian curry dish tonight but there is no way.  Even if I had the energy, I do not have the actual time to let it cook in the crock pot like it would need to because I didn't get home until 5:30.  Oh well.  I guess it's spaghetti tonight, wretched failure of a homemaker that I am.  : P

Full day

Feb. 25th, 2017 09:42 pm
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Here's hoping I can actually get to sleep at a reasonable time tonight, as I seem to have conked out on the couch for a good hour or so in the middle of the Pens/Fliers stadium series game. 

This morning I finished chapter two of my Access course; in the next chapter I start learning about queries.  I've had some ideas about some data at work that is currently being tracked via Excel that might be more useful in database form, but I'll have to think about it and run it by some other people (and probably get a little further into the course, so I can implement it myself). 

Despite the cold and high winds, Husband and I went out this afternoon to hunt Pokemon together.  We were very successful, and I think I added about six new types to my Pokedex today, including the last Gen 2 starter!  I also caught a really good Cyndaquil, which is now my buddy for lack of any better options.  There are just so many Gen 2 mons that don't have any evolutions, which is a little disappointing. 

The other thing we did today was go to see Get Out, which was really, really good.  Based on this movie and Keanu, I think Jordan Peele has a real talent for making movies that are highly entertaining, have moments of great comedy, and are still really emotionally weighty with something important to say.  The other people in the theater definitely seemed to enjoy it as well and applauded when the end credits rolled.  I'm still turning it over in my head even now, which is typically a mark of a good film.  Bottom line: I very much recommend it. 

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Somehow I managed to get to the end of today without doing any art.  So much for that daily task (sorry, Habitica peeps).

What I did do was read the majority of and finish a library book (Dawn, Octavia Butler) that has to go back by Sunday because someone put in a request for it.  Silly people demanding equal access to a public resource!  Considering I've been reading It for the past month and only got about a third of the way through it so far, it's probably not a bad thing to have taken a break to zip through this one.  It was definitely interesting even if there were hella consent issues on the part of the aliens.  Every once in a while it's good to read some SF that tackles the question of relating/adapting to beings that exist in an entirely different mode from our own.  This is one of the things I go to LeGuin novels for.

I'm actually writing this from my brand new (to me) laptop!  My 5 year old netbook was getting reeeeally chuggy and it was becoming much more of an obstacle to getting things done than a tool.  So we ordered a refurbished Acer laptop that is now probably going to be my main computer.  I'm hoping I can get Photoshop to install properly...I spent much of the afternoon transferring all my files and getting the settings how I want, and Photoshop is the next and last big thing I'm tackling.  Then I can connect it to my big monitor and have two screens and internet on my art computer!  *yay*

It is Windows 10, though I've installed that Classic Shell and that helped a lot.  I think I managed to go into the settings and turn off all the spying stuff Microsoft loads into it.  This is my first SSD computer and I'm definitely liking the speed and oomph it has.  It runs very quietly and cool so far; hopefully that will continue to be the case as I put it to more use.  The keyboard feels good and it shouldn't take too long to get used to the little differences in size and positioning of keys between this and my netbook. 

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Right now I am (very slowly) reading my way through It for the first time.  Don't judge; I've only been on this planet for twenty-nine years and only twenty-five of those are literate ones.  There's a huge backlog of good books to work through!

So far I like it a lot, and the structure of the narrative is interesting and working for me.  The only problem is that now I'm pretty sure I will be thinking of evil clowns when we go to visit the in-laws who live in teeny tiny town, Wisconsin.  I have definitely gotten the idea from stories told to me that it has its share of Bad Things what happened in the past.  And it has a little river that runs next to downtown.  Bwugh.

In any case, it seems to be making a metaphor for the darknesses that run under the patina of good old fashioned small-town family values, which is timely enough for the current political climate.  It's a reminder to guard against feeling righteous in the appearance of goodness while ignoring the call to actually do good things.
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I got a little more done today despite having to stay almost two hours longer at work than I was originally scheduled.  After I came home, I had a quick lunch, a cup of chai, a lying-down-quietly for a few minutes, and then I got my butt up and did some painting. 

It went well, I think, but when Husband got home and I wrapped things up so I could make dinner, I was feeling unreasonably down instead of accomplished.  It's not fair; I just pulled myself up out of a funk by tooth and nail and I do not want to go back into one again.  I am going to hope that this is just exhaustion talking; I have definitely been having extraordinarily bad brain blips today.

Case in point: after Husband got home, he calls out to me from the bedroom asking if there should be a magazine in the clothes hamper.  I had meant to recycle it. *facepalm*

Also I went looking for a tupperware in the hall pantry (there are absolutely no tupperwares there), and tried to put the tupperware of leftover bell peppers in a cabinet instead of the fridge.  Oy. 

Left to do tonight:  I owe an email and should start working on Access chapter two.  In about twenty minutes I'm also going to get a call for Senator Warren's tele-conference which will hopefully be interesting (and better than the say-nothing blah one our local House rep gave last week).  Here's the link if anyone is interested; they will also send you a recording of it in a day or two if you can't join in tonight.

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Today is wrapped up in dissatisfaction, though it really should not be.  I made progress on work projects, got a good number of chores done, and finished the assignments for the first chapter of the Access course I'm taking.  But I also had to crash on the couch for a long nap to kill a headache and give me enough energy to get through the rest of the day, and there are several personal projects that are just not getting worked on at all today.

It feels like letting people down, like I'm not living up to my potential.  And it's very difficult to distinguish "can't do any more right now" from "don't feel like doing any more right now".  Either way, it still means things aren't getting done. 

Hopefully tomorrow will come with more motivation.  I don't want to fall down two days in a row.
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I have a theory that's been kicking around in my head.  Who knows if it has any basis in reality; I'm sure much more well-read people seeking PhDs have looked into this sort of thing already.

I've heard a lot of people lament that kids these days (and oh, joy, that I am finally getting old enough to use that phrase, though I hope to always do so facetiously and not in malice) have no idea how to write academically.  I am definitely not qualified to assess the truth of that accusation.  But if it is true, I wonder if it's caused not by students doing much less writing, but by them doing a lot more than previous generations of students.

I'm thinking about my pre-internet days, and there was really very little writing I did that was not in some way "formal".  Mostly this was for school, with the occasional letter and thank-you note.  Even once I got on the internet, it was in ye olde days of Fanfiction.net and I was writing (very, very bad) short fiction.  These were all forms that were more compositional (to potentially invent a word) than conversational. 

But now, people are sending texts and making Facebook and Twitter posts.  They are leaving short comments on news articles and message boards.  All of these mediums are extremely conversational, and the volume of this mode of writing almost certainly outweighs the volume of formal academic writing students are doing.

Is it really all that surprising that these conversational qualities are creeping into academic writing?  That isn't to say we don't need to be teaching students how to code-switch when their future job prospects may ride on being able to communicate formally.  Also, I would much rather see short electronic communication pull towards the formal instead of the other direction.  But I do have sympathy for the students trying to navigate that divide.

Okay, I am done spitballing.  If you have an advanced English/teaching degree and you're rolling your eyes at me right now, please have mercy on the poor woman who only completed an undergraduate degree (and that in Painting, no less.)

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Driving in to work this morning, the radio show people were talking about the Grammys.  They were saying how refreshing it was that there wasn't all that much politics in the award show this year--because music is supposed to be escapist and just to entertain.  

I don't even know how one could know anything about music and come to that conclusion.  I would hazard a guess that the DJ is old enough to have been around in some capacity for the 60's, at the very least.  I suppose it's probably a sign of privilege if you've never needed to turn to music to address something that is wrong with the way the world treats you. 

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I've been saying to myself since the election that American Christianity desperately needs to reset its priorities.  It needs to get away from homophobia and anti-abortion and focus on the sort of things that are at the heart of New Testament morality--social obligation and caring for one another.  I'm sure there are plenty of churches out there that are doing good social work, and I'm mostly talking about the Evangelical side of the spectrum here, to be clear.

So, here's a woman who's got her priorities straight.  It makes my heart glad.

I feel slightly guilty that I'm not working for this kind of change in the Catholic Church I grew up in, but at this point I think it would take an actual literal miracle for me to go back to that.  The mythology of the Church (and I use that phrasing in deliberate reference to Dogma) has lost all resonance with me, and I do not find any place for myself in the story it tells of Creation and the ordering of humanity. 

But that's okay.  I'm making my own faith, bit by bit, sketch by sketch and line by line, and if it is all Woman and syncretic of the things that still do mean something to me of the religion I was born into, that's fine.  There is plenty of religion for Men--I want something that reflects the person I am and want to be. 

I always hated the parts of Mass where everyone bows their heads.  I always defied it and lifted my head up to look at the beautiful things in the church.  Divinity should not press us down; we should rise up and strive to meet it.

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Meeting log progress: 5/8 notes pages written up.  Yes, I know the page count went up.  I finished typing up the half-a-scene that I didn't have notes for, which ballooned the file a bit.  Remaining: shotgun wedding (inasmuch as a member of the local constabulary is standing by with a shotgun in case the bride goes mad with power) and gryphon fight.  Should be easily manageable tomorrow night.

Worked some more on the pencils for my new watercolor piece.  It's going well, I think.  I am excited about this piece, though I will have to do a lot of boring color tests before I start to make sure I don't screw up the palette terribly. 

Have been playing more Gyakuten Kenji 2, finally, and the second case is starting to get weird.  Or at least, it's definitely not going the direction I was expecting.  I think I have to disagree with Edgeworth though, and agree with Judge Mikagami--following the law should be higher than "finding the truth"--or at the very least, you should be willing to take whatever consequences the law hands out for breaking it.  I suppose that's a way of respecting rule of law, anyways.

I'm actually kind of glad I waited to play this game and worked my way through Gyakuten Saiban 1-3 in Japanese first.  My vocabulary is much improved in the interim.  I was very happy to see a kanji I just learned on Wanikani pop up in an interesting compound word: (slippery) showed up during the investigation when I found a pulley-and-tackle (滑車, literally "slippery car"). 

Now I desperately need to get some sleep to be ready to face tomorrow.

Marching on

Feb. 6th, 2017 09:53 pm
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Log progress: 2.5/7 pages typed up.  I have gotten through most of the talkiest parts, so that's heartening.  And the last bit is a gryphon-fight, which should go reasonably smoothly.  Fights tend to expand from notes, but they are pretty easy to work up. 

I did not get any art work done today, but I wanted to, which is a definite improvement.  I didn't get home until almost 4 this afternoon, and what with chores and such, there was just no energy left. 

Okay, I may have spent a bit of energy walking around a nearby park to get the last couple of Magikarp I needed to evolve my Gyarados.  Finally finally finally I have my flying serpent!  And it got a pretty good moveset, too--Bite and Hydro Pump.  Next up, I'm going to walk a bit with Ponyta because I am *this* close to a Rapidash.  I want my awesome fire horse.  : P

Tomorrow is a much shorter day and I will hold myself to getting more work done. 

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