Apr. 4th, 2017

korafox: (melancholia)
Today was (local) election day for us, and with about 85% of the precincts in, there are definitely a few results I want to *facepalm* at.  The good news is that we got a competent mayor.  Overall, though, local politics feels somewhat like crawling forward hands and knees on a treadmill.  I am...disheartened.  And having difficulty soothing myself so that I can get up again tomorrow and keep trying to make things better in my sphere of influence.

I don't have any kind of leftover energy to deal with national politics right now.  Supreme Court and a zombie health care bill and North Korea and ugh.  And there is pretty much nothing I can do about this anyways, having two firmly Dem senators and a jackass of a Republican rep who was completely in favor of the original AHCA.  (I will keep flinging phone messages into the void of his DC office once there is something concrete to complain about again, though.)

Work on art continues.  The lineart for the Visionary is nearly done, for a certain value of "nearly".   I will try to keep telling myself that this is a worthwhile pursuit that adds something to the world.

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