May. 8th, 2017

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On reflection, a bout of acute social anxiety/awkward is probably not the best time to go try to in-person talk to my House rep, but it can't be helped.  Like a unicorn, he appears out of the mists for a full hour and fifteen minutes of talking to his constituents tomorrow, and I can't in good conscience not show up at his office.  He almost certainly scheduled it for mid-afternoon so that people with full-time jobs couldn't go, so I need to take advantage of being part-time while I can and stick up for everyone.

Who knows, maybe I will get in to see him because I won't be shaking a placard (no time/energy/ability to come up with pithy sayings).  Maybe I will roll a 20 on my persuasion check and he will roll a 1 to oppose.  Maybe he will fall to his knees and weep for the betrayal of the public trust and simple decent morality that has been his continued support of the AHCA.

No, it will probably not happen,  But I have to carry myself like it is possible.

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