May. 2nd, 2017

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I may have been a little premature in declaring that I kicked the almost-cold to the curb.  Hopefully it doesn't get any worse than a general ooginess.

Okay, so this morning we found out a thing that was apparently very different between Husband and my childhoods.  Over the weekend, I dyed a bunch of eggs, because it has been years and years and I wanted to.  (The best reason to do anything creative.)  I was very happy with some, and others were just a mess, and then there was the one I dropped on the floor and it got a bit...cracked.  It's okay!  I stuck stickers on it!

When I finished dyeing the eggs, Husband asked me where I was going to display them.  I was confused!  I answered, "In the fridge?"  I mean, I cut the top off the egg carton so you could see the pretties, but that seemed like a no brainer.

Fast forward to this morning, as I am having my breakfast and I grabbed one of the eggs out of the fridge.  I'm sitting at the coffee table cracking the shell, and Husband walks in and asks, very confused, what I am doing.  Equally confused, I reply that I am eating the egg. 

"After you dyed it?" he says.

So, it turns out that in his family they did not eat their dyed eggs.  Presumably they displayed them out on a table somewhere?  But this just seems horribly wasteful to me!  The egg dye says it is food-safe.  It's pretty much just food coloring and the vinegar used to dissolve the tablets.  There are probably more toxic things in the spicy buffalo ranch chips he was noshing on yesterday, no joke.

I am definitely curious what other people's customs are, if egg dyeing is a thing you do/did. 

(Also I totes made an Exeggcute egg and it is my favorite ever.)

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