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Husband and I are continuing to forge through season 8 of Doctor Who (the DVR is under 40% for the first time in...years?).  So, a thought about the last couple episodes:

Spoilers through episode 8.09 of Doctor Who )
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Dear asshole who thought 2:15 in the morning was a good time to park your car in the lot right outside my window and blast boom-bah rap music and rev your engine wildly:

Fuck you, and I hope you were still in your vehicle when the cop car showed up, and I furthermore hope you had indulged in a little of the green stuff because if there is anyone that (a)6 should be used like a sledgehammer on, it's jackasses like you.

Me being a nice person ends quite abruptly when my (increasingly precious) sleep time gets interrupted. 
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Apparently they've finally started showing Les Miserables on non-premium channels.

Also apparently, husband refuses to admit that Russell Crowe's singing really is That Bad.  Like, ear-gougingly Bad.  He suspects I am just biased because Javert is by far my favorite character.  If I didn't know they did all the singing live, I would suspect Crowe was holding his nose pinched shut while singing every single damned line.  I will not even get started about his range (or lack thereof).

I may have threatened to sneak into husband's car and slip my original London cast recording into the CD player. 

Good idea Y/N?

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Am I the only one who gets annoyed at the phrase "starting a family"?  Not at the concept, of course.  People who want to bring babies into the world and love and cherish them are awesome!  You go, people!

But I am not somehow lacking a family until and unless my womb brings forth or I adopt a child.  Even setting aside my parents and brothers--I started my family the moment husband put a ring on my finger and I put one on his.  Really, the moment we started dating or moved in together, if you look at it from the retrospective point of view.  Tons of people have created families with no children or wedding rings even in the picture.

So yeah, every time I hear that phrase I feel the judgey eyes of society on me for my current childless state.  It would be a lot easier for me to figure out if I even want children if I could sort out my own feelings versus the cultural imperative. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again--F***ing Sapir-Whorf hypothesis.
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There is no possible forgiveness for this travesty. I happened upon the trailer for the new Three Musketeers movie and was reducing to a boiling vessel of pure wrath in the electronics section at Meijer. Here's the start of the plot summary currently up on wikipedia, if you don't care to find the trailer:Read more... )

Seriously. Dumas is rolling in his grave. I suspected this was going to be another Sherlock-Holmes style insult (disclosure: I haven't actually seen the new adaptation, but from the trailers, it doesn't seem like they did anything like justice to the characters). But this is so mangled as to be unrecognizable.

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