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For all the amazing things my birth control pill has done for me, the one symptom it has not even touched is the absolute whumping exhaustion I get for two or three days right before my period.  Yesterday I took a nap in the afternoon and a nap after dinner out of necessity.  I got a pretty decent night's sleep but I'm still just crawling along today.  Also my eyes are doing that thing where the muscles in your eye socket ache from being so tense and...yeah, I am not going to fault myself for taking it easy this afternoon too.

I'm apparently having my character's dreams too, because last night I dreamt that Nefin was a Canon and menacingly watching Dahlia in a jail cell from a scaffolding.  (This is totally a dream she would have.)
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Meeting log progress: 5/8 notes pages written up.  Yes, I know the page count went up.  I finished typing up the half-a-scene that I didn't have notes for, which ballooned the file a bit.  Remaining: shotgun wedding (inasmuch as a member of the local constabulary is standing by with a shotgun in case the bride goes mad with power) and gryphon fight.  Should be easily manageable tomorrow night.

Worked some more on the pencils for my new watercolor piece.  It's going well, I think.  I am excited about this piece, though I will have to do a lot of boring color tests before I start to make sure I don't screw up the palette terribly. 

Have been playing more Gyakuten Kenji 2, finally, and the second case is starting to get weird.  Or at least, it's definitely not going the direction I was expecting.  I think I have to disagree with Edgeworth though, and agree with Judge Mikagami--following the law should be higher than "finding the truth"--or at the very least, you should be willing to take whatever consequences the law hands out for breaking it.  I suppose that's a way of respecting rule of law, anyways.

I'm actually kind of glad I waited to play this game and worked my way through Gyakuten Saiban 1-3 in Japanese first.  My vocabulary is much improved in the interim.  I was very happy to see a kanji I just learned on Wanikani pop up in an interesting compound word: (slippery) showed up during the investigation when I found a pulley-and-tackle (滑車, literally "slippery car"). 

Now I desperately need to get some sleep to be ready to face tomorrow.

Marching on

Feb. 6th, 2017 09:53 pm
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Log progress: 2.5/7 pages typed up.  I have gotten through most of the talkiest parts, so that's heartening.  And the last bit is a gryphon-fight, which should go reasonably smoothly.  Fights tend to expand from notes, but they are pretty easy to work up. 

I did not get any art work done today, but I wanted to, which is a definite improvement.  I didn't get home until almost 4 this afternoon, and what with chores and such, there was just no energy left. 

Okay, I may have spent a bit of energy walking around a nearby park to get the last couple of Magikarp I needed to evolve my Gyarados.  Finally finally finally I have my flying serpent!  And it got a pretty good moveset, too--Bite and Hydro Pump.  Next up, I'm going to walk a bit with Ponyta because I am *this* close to a Rapidash.  I want my awesome fire horse.  : P

Tomorrow is a much shorter day and I will hold myself to getting more work done. 

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...because I was absolutely whomping exhausted during the day, came home and fell unconscious for an hour and a half, and am now super wired from game even if I should be in bed already (tomorrow is probably going to suck). 

Tonight's major happening from game:
Dahlia and Nefin sitting in a tree
K-I-S-S-I-N-Oh gods horrible past life flashback why

...we all knew this was where this was going, don't know why Nefin was so surprised. 

(I kind of want floofy shoujo comic style fanart of the kiss part though and yes I know I can make it myself shush you)

As I am clearly losing coherence by the second, I should probably just take myself off to bed now, huh.
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I am the slowest damn writer ever.  *sigh*

500 words added over the course of...four hours?  Rough draft (very very very rough) done.  Argh these characters, argh.

Now I need to make dinner.  And then maybe do some light cleaning, and I guess the rest of the evening I should relax or something. 

Edits tomorrow.  That would be wiser.  Too emotionally invested right now.
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1. I'm remembering that listening to music before bed helps immensely with the post-game emotional hangover the next morning.  It's like drinking plenty of water after booze, yes?  (I have never been able to drink enough to have a hangover, but this is my understanding.)  For each super-emotional RP scene you play, listen to at least one melodramatic-bittersweet song before going to bed.  I swear it works.

2.  Yay, game is back!  I got to have a scene between Dahlia and Nefin and I didn't screw it up and hopefully it set the right vector towards endgame!  (I swear to the gods we are not changing my ending again.  I like it how it is.)  It was so weird having the two of them speaking directly to one another.  Somewhere there's an alternate universe where Dahlia didn't get "killed" during the Gardens jailbreak, and the two of them reconciled early on and became a platonic crime-fighting duo or something.

3.  Now I need to write an interlude that happened just before this episode between the two of them and it's going to be a fine line to walk.  In my headcanon, Dahlia has a lot more visceral PTSD about him (and being stuck in a White Room-ish chapel and having him suddenly appear with her would be fucking terrifying and triggery for her), but it's difficult to play that out at table and keep it consistent.  Plus she needs to be able to be in the same space as him and functional in order to work out their issues, so that is limiting. 

4. And before I forget, I had the most amazing Steve and Bucky dream last night.  It was some sort of AU thing where they were both part of this secret assassin cult and Bucky had to go do this rite to keep an Elder God from waking up, but it was going to let the Elder God into his head.  And 99% of the time this results in the person going insane and the assassins have to kill them.  But after Bucky did the thing, Steve grabbed him and shook him and told him he had to fight it because otherwise, Steve was going to jump into Bucky's head to help fight it and he was going to die too.  So he made Bucky take back his mind to save him and it was amaaaaaazing and now I want to watch the Civil War movie.  Do I have to see the actual Avengers movies first?  Because I've only seen the Captain America ones.  : P
This dream probably brought to you by my brain making weird associations with HYDRA (the logo looks like Cthulhu!) and also this song, which is my unofficial Steve/Bucky anthem, being amongst my recent mp3 acquisitions.
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I finally finished the Gate...card #12 of 27, oy.  I'm definitely ready to be done with this one and move on to something else, that's for sure.
Image beneath the cut )
Next up: Duty.

OMG wot.

Sep. 13th, 2015 09:42 am
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See anything interesting?

BWAH.  That was unexpected.  It's not exactly the most accessible of interludes, but apparently people liked it.

It's funny because usually when I have a bunch of messages in my inbox, I try to temper my expectations by thinking, "Oh, they're not for you, they're just notifications of arts by the people you're watching."  NOT THIS TIME.

Oh, brain.

Jun. 28th, 2015 10:25 am
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Apparently I shouldn't do tons of editing on game log right before going to bed.  Unless I want my brain doing a remix dream of everything that happened.  OH, WAIT.  Yes, that was awesome, let's do it again.

Sadly, I don't think an airship City incarnation during the First Age would have worked out so well.  As awesome as that was.  Maybe the Network-era Empress could have been an always-flying, fully armed and operational air station though.  Hmm...

And hey, it wasn't Alonzar that threw acid on me this time.  /snark


Nov. 6th, 2013 08:49 pm
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Dear brain,

I don't care how exhausting this week has been.  MAKE THERE BE WORDS.  You only have six more weeks to finish this interlude series.  (Yes, that is the metric right this exact second.  And I know how ridiculous that is.)

Why is editing so much harder than writing?  (Although this editing is going to involve a lot of writing, I think.)  I can't tell if it's the laziness of already having something produced, or having to struggle against firmly established headcanon.
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I almost forgot how good it feels to work on art.  Of course, it's only been about a week and a half since I finished another quick piece (I still haven't quite gotten the Dahlia in my head down on paper properly, but that one just needed to be done so I could deal with yegods life changes), but that feels like it was a month ago.  It's almost surreal how much time dilation there has been this past week.  One of twelve weeks down!

In any case, I'm working on a nice romantic little Anjesa/Rosemary picture per a request (gee I wonder whose), and it's tempering my need for Next Thing creativity a bit.  I would still rather be developing narrative, but my thoughts are all at loose ends today.  Sometimes you just need to get a pencil in hand and turn off the words part of your brain for a while. 
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Dear me:

Yes, I know you usually write better when you've got music playing in the background.  Yes, I know it corrals the bits of your brain that like to go shooting off on tangents while the responsible parts are actually trying to get things done. 

But maybe when you've spent all day tabbing away from Word to go, "Oooh what's this new song on Pandora?" or alternately, "Oh my gods this song I must now cry in the corner or rock out or both simultaneously", it's time to put the music away for a while.

Three characters.  You will finish them by bedtime.  Spit-spot, everything but the descriptions done, how hard can the rest be? 

Maybe then you can have your music back.  Maybe.


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Happiness is:
Finally finding a version of "How Can I Keep From Singing" that doesn't have the darned blatant Christian verse and is still soulful enough for my Ikon playlist.  (<--Good on the artist for allowing a full track to be sampled on their website.  Would not have taken the chance on buying it and having that verse in it otherwise.)

Sadness is:
The fact that the version of the song that I sang in choir apparently exists nowhere else and the lyrics are still superior.

Bonus points: The song I picked for the Dancer as a "hm, maybe this would work" is now a "oh HELLS yes" now that I've checked it against Youtube.  *adds to queue for legal acquisition*

(I still can't find a song better than "Still Alive" for the Weaver.  I don't know if that's good or bad.  It's a little too context-heavy for my tastes but it's still apropos.)

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Because my head is finally feeling better (thank you, 2-day migraine), there is a boatload of stuff I need to get done today.  The list, in no particular order:

1. Work out
2. Get some paperwork over to the renting office
3. Groceries
4. Aspect up those couple characters before game
5. Figure out the Reflecting Pool situation before game
6. Game, of course.  

6. Artwork!  No, seriously, I need to get some done.  I have the bug and it's been forever and yes, I still intend on finishing the Noema project eventually.  *grumbles about mirrors not cooperating*  Also I have this other picture in my head that I would like to at least try to realize before I lose interest with it.
7. Library run?
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I'm sure my time could have been better spent for the past hour or two (finishing writing up Strowmatt being up there on the list), but I've been messing with my Ikon playlist again.  I've actually filled in most of what was left in the past couple days, with only three spots left on the whole list that don't have a single possible song to them.  Actually, Temptation had one at several points, but those all got discarded for various reasons.  So besides that, it's the Courtier and (what else?) the Weaver.  Yes, my very own Ikon.  It turns out that the one based on pure reason and intellect is hard to find an appropriate song to represent, who'da thunk?  And here I was thinking there would be all kinds of songs out there about not getting emotional and approaching troubles with a clear, rational mind. 

I suspect that one is going to end up matching the Ikon more in an aesthetic sense than anything else, but we'll see what I can dredge up.  Then, of course, begins the process of going over the "maybes".  Eventually, the list will be complete.  Eventually.
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Coloring the Noema is like playing a game of Battleship.  You start a card with little to go on besides the psychology of your opponent, then fling random salvos at the thing until something sticks.  Chain successes together until you start to get a vague map put together for where you're going.  Spend an inordinate amount of time chasing down the damned two-bit patrol boat.  Find out afterwards that you were this close to having the whole thing solved from the onset.  And then mind-numbing cleanup.

That said, the general color scheme for the Weaver is starting to come together.  The fiddly details are going to be murder, though.

(At some point I should really finish Crossroads.  I mean, all I have left is to redo the lion and clean it up.  Just bite the bullet and do it.)

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Because even though it's nominally about video games, there is plenty of grist for meta-consideration of roleplaying games also.  Particularly in terms of story design, pacing, and yes, even mechanics. 

And can I just say that after watching this week's episode, "How To Start Your Game Narrative" , I have even more appreciation for [personal profile] kilroy and the fact that he's more than willing to let us run with whatever crazy story we end up causing in any given session rather than shoehorn us into a pre-conceived plot.  Kudos to you, sir.

(Even if the gryphon problem we ignored is about to come back and bite us in the ass.)

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So, it is November.  Last year was really fun, but I don't know that there's enough I need to expand on with our game's wiki to do the exact same thing over again.  However, there is this huge card project that I've been putzing around on that needs to get worked on, so what better time is there?  Husband has suggested that I set a goal of getting all the 27 Ikons designed by the end of the month, and if I have time left over after that, doing as many pencils as I can.  Going into this, the count is: three completed, two at the coloring stage, and one penciled/being tweaked.  With a variety that are in some state of design. 

So yeah, wish me luck.  Gonna need it.

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