Feb. 7th, 2017

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Meeting log progress: 5/8 notes pages written up.  Yes, I know the page count went up.  I finished typing up the half-a-scene that I didn't have notes for, which ballooned the file a bit.  Remaining: shotgun wedding (inasmuch as a member of the local constabulary is standing by with a shotgun in case the bride goes mad with power) and gryphon fight.  Should be easily manageable tomorrow night.

Worked some more on the pencils for my new watercolor piece.  It's going well, I think.  I am excited about this piece, though I will have to do a lot of boring color tests before I start to make sure I don't screw up the palette terribly. 

Have been playing more Gyakuten Kenji 2, finally, and the second case is starting to get weird.  Or at least, it's definitely not going the direction I was expecting.  I think I have to disagree with Edgeworth though, and agree with Judge Mikagami--following the law should be higher than "finding the truth"--or at the very least, you should be willing to take whatever consequences the law hands out for breaking it.  I suppose that's a way of respecting rule of law, anyways.

I'm actually kind of glad I waited to play this game and worked my way through Gyakuten Saiban 1-3 in Japanese first.  My vocabulary is much improved in the interim.  I was very happy to see a kanji I just learned on Wanikani pop up in an interesting compound word: (slippery) showed up during the investigation when I found a pulley-and-tackle (滑車, literally "slippery car"). 

Now I desperately need to get some sleep to be ready to face tomorrow.

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