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My brain does this thing when I'm studying on Wanikani, where it autoplays music that it associates with the particular vocab word I'm looking at.  For example, 朝 (morning) gets "Good Morning" from Singing in the Rain.  Fair enough.  全国 (nationwide) gets the Nationwide jingle.  Annoying, but makes sense.

Then we start getting a little weirder.  回転 (rotation) calls up "Right Round".  The kanji 馬 (horse) is attached to the Bad Horse song from Dr. Horrible, which is actually useful because the on'yomi reading for the kanji is "ba". 

So today I'm learning the word 虫歯 (cavity).  Any guesses which song pops into my head? 

If you guessed "Macavity" from Cats, you'd be right.  These are not even related things, brain.

The sad thing is, this isn't even the first Cats song I've had come up this way.  Thank you, 思い出 (memory).

*Level up*

Jul. 23rd, 2015 11:25 am
korafox: Dahlia holds up a book, a rainbow shooting out of it.  Text: READ ALL THE BOOKS (reading rainbow)
I finally reached level 10 in Wanikani!  Wahoo!

(That only took six months.  I could have done it faster but probably at the expense of retention.)

At this point I have done lessons on 309 kanji and 859 vocabulary words.  For a comparison, at the peak of my fluency while in Japan, I probably felt competent with about eight or nine hundred kanji.

Of course there are plenty of kanji I haven't done lessons on yet, but which I feel pretty comfortable with.  In particular anything related to the court system/prosecution/investigation of crimes (thank you, Ace Attorney!). 

Onward to greater fluency!

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