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I have realized that there is a fairly sharp distinction between types of tv dramas: in some of them, the conflict is intra-party, and in others, the party teams up to confront an exterior threat.  I'm coming to recognize that I much, much prefer the latter in my tv viewing.  Possibly part of this is because half the time intra-party conflict ends up feeling contrived, but I also get a nice hit of joy at seeing people have each others' backs.

One of the occasionally annoying things about Pitch is that 3/4ths of the episodes are about the main characters dealing with some exterior conflict (MLB trade deadline, endorsements, etc.) and in the other quarter the writers decide to make everyone pissed off at each other for an episode.  I do not want this!  I want Blip the best buddy and Lawson the mentor.  Unfortunately, it seems like they may go for the other kind of drama for the last two episodes of season one, based on the previews, because of course they will. 

At least once we finish Pitch, we'll almost certainly be moving on to the most recent Librarians season, so I expect I can get my teamwork jollies there.
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Which seems about appropriate.
Spoilers for Sherlock 4.01 )

I'm sure we will watch the rest of this season, but I will not feel guilty about multitasking during the last two episodes at this point.

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Giving that new show Stitchers a try.  Three and a half episodes in, here are my first impressions.
Minor spoilers for premise and characterization below the cut )


Jun. 7th, 2015 12:15 pm
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I'm not a particular fan of soccer, myself, but I threw on a women's World Cup game on the basis that 1) I would like to support women's sports and 2) husband would definitely have had it on if he weren't out reffing soccer games all afternoon, go figure.  So at least I can express our household's viewing preferences even if he's out.

But even if the game is not my cup of tea, how awesome is it to watch the players celebrating after a goal?  The world could use more warm-happy-joy feelies like this, for sure.
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Husband and I are continuing to forge through season 8 of Doctor Who (the DVR is under 40% for the first time in...years?).  So, a thought about the last couple episodes:

Spoilers through episode 8.09 of Doctor Who )
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Major quibbles about the end of episode two, here.
Spoilers for 2x02, sweetie )

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Just finished the season finale of Siberia.  I have to say, it is very interesting television--I've heard people compare it to Lost, but I never got on that bandwagon and I don't think Siberia is going to go as wacky-philosophical as I've heard Lost did.  But it has good mystery and good, believable characters (I especially appreciate the variety of female characters). 

Of course, the fact that I am intrigued by all the goings-on and the pretty decent cliffhanger they left on...inevitably means the show is going to get cancelled before we see season two.  Husband says that NBC decided to air it opposite Under the Dome.  To which I say "ugh".  I wish we as a society had better taste in television.  (Okay, to be fair I haven't seen a single episode of that.  But I read the book, and the commercials I've seen do not lead me to believe it's anything spectacular.)

On that note, I saw that TLC is airing a new show called "Alaskan Women Looking For Love".  I'm so glad we have cable again.  I just couldn't live with myself if I missed that.

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Word is that the Sing Off will be back for a fourth season this fall!  I thought it had been cancelled, but apparently it was just not picked up for a season last year.  No clue who the judges will be, but they're going back to the short season format, thank goodness.  A full season was just waaaaay too long, and the field was so diluted in season 3 that you just couldn't keep track of who anyone was. 

I kinda feel like I should go get a copy of Pitch Perfect now, since its popularity was quoted as one of the reasons they decided to bring it back (also the success of Pentatonix, the season 3 winners). 

Yay a capella!  *does the happy dance*

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I am never going to be able to watch Iron Chef America again without seeing the Chairman as Sensei Ping.

(Now if only we could get Kevin Brauch and Alton Brown into Eisenhower jackets, I would die a happy fangirl.)

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