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For all the amazing things my birth control pill has done for me, the one symptom it has not even touched is the absolute whumping exhaustion I get for two or three days right before my period.  Yesterday I took a nap in the afternoon and a nap after dinner out of necessity.  I got a pretty decent night's sleep but I'm still just crawling along today.  Also my eyes are doing that thing where the muscles in your eye socket ache from being so tense and...yeah, I am not going to fault myself for taking it easy this afternoon too.

I'm apparently having my character's dreams too, because last night I dreamt that Nefin was a Canon and menacingly watching Dahlia in a jail cell from a scaffolding.  (This is totally a dream she would have.)
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Posting because this has been a worry regularly punching me in the back of the head for the past several days, and maybe if I write it down it'll help.
Cut for length and period talk. )
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Things that sucked this weekend:

1) Being covered in bruises and having some sort of low-grade 24 hour fever/headache combo on Saturday.

2) Really just slogging through writing due to said fever.

3) Being in absolutely stupid amounts of pain due to That Time and a complete lack of Ibuprofen in the house.

4) Four-hour power outage today.  Probably the worst thing about this was that MY HEATING PAD RUNS ON ELECTRICITY, YO.  See also #3. 

Things that were good about this weekend:

1) I only felt sick for one day rather than plowing headlong into illness while at academy.

2) I did writing!

3) Husband went out and got me Ibuprofen because he is awesome.

4) The power came back on, and me and my family made it through the severe weather with homes and selves intact.

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