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May. 31st, 2016 06:05 pm
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When I'm sitting down to do watercolor, I prefer to have the water safely ensconced in a jar next to me, not cascading down from the ceiling.

(Luckily, I am exaggerating in that none of the leaks actually hit anything that would have been ruined by it.  All art and journals are safe and sound.  A few feet to one side and it could have been catastrophic, though.)

Called maintenance, guy showed up right quick and determined that all the windows in the vacant apartment above us were sealed tight and it had water too, meaning the roof is leaking.  Again.  He made a comment along the lines of "huh, I thought they were done fixing that.  Guess not."

Seriously, apartment complex.  After the actual ceiling cave-in during the snowpocalypse of 2014, I know damn well that you put a new roof on this building.  Maybe you should hire people who actually know what they're doing to weather-proof your properties. 
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I am getting very tired of spending my entire waking hours trying to hold in warmth.  My workplace is cold, outside is cold, and my apartment is cold.  It feels like forever since I last stretched out all my limbs and unhuddled from this ball.  And it's been such an unseasonably warm winter, too, so apparently I just can't handle even a few weeks of cold weather.

Brain = bad, too, but in a way that I have just enough energy to manage being a semi-responsible adult and keep my work face on but not enough to handle looking anyone in the eye who I owe more than that.  One foot in front of the other.

One benefit of being a prisoner to the couch is that I finally got around to reading Dune.  I liked it better than I thought I would; the prose was a lot more accessible than other books from back then.  I found the POV very strange but effectively done; I can't think of any other book I've read that went so deep into the characters' thoughts and hopped around multiple times in the same scene.  Of course there were things in it that could have garnered an eye-roll, but it wasn't too difficult to take those with a grain of salt.  I'm glad I got around to reading a classic and feel absolutely no compulsion to read any of the other books in the series.
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The good news: I learned how to jump a car yesterday.

The bad news: We had to jump the van yesterday. 

Actually this was a relief, because when we tried to start the thing, the specific manner of it not starting seemed to be something worse than just a dying battery.  (It was making a rapid click-click-click noise and it seemed like the ABS was completely frotzed.)  But it sorted itself out once we got some juice into it, and all things considered, it was probably the best situation to have something like this happen in.  Both of us were there, we had the other car right there to jump it with, and we were just going out for groceries so it wasn't like there was a meeting or something we were going to be late for. 

And before anyone says anything, I know damned well that cars are not an area of particular expertise for me.  I've never had my own, so basic maintenance is not something I was ever responsible for.  I fully intend to just go and buy Cars For Dummies or whatever the actual title is, so that I can at least smile and nod and have some clue what they're talking about should I end up in conversation with anyone about automobiles.  (Hint: if I become a police officer, this will happen.  If I learned anything from my ride-alongs, it's that things with combustion engines are the go-to topic for officers chatting with one another.)

Also I am highly suspicious in retrospect that the reason my wrist was acting up yesterday was not due to workouts (I haven't had push-up related wrist issues in a while...thank you, increased muscle tone) but due to the whackadoodle weather.  The fog was like pea soup when we went out to the store. 

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