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Do they really think we voters will see this doom-and-gloom ad saying "Candidate X is a CAREER POLITICIAN who received ONE MILLION DOLLARS of TAXPAYER MONEY over a 32-year career" and not be able to work out that this amounts to a salary of just slightly over $30k a year?  Are public servants and their families supposed to wear sackcloth and ashes and abandon their vocation after some arbitrary number of years, now?

...Don't answer that question omigods I just want this election to be over already.

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1. Have had a full week off work at this point.  There is supposedly another project coming up, but who knows when they'll call me in.  Started out pretty strong, but the malaise is starting to kick in at this point.  And frustratingly, though I have time to sleep in, I am still sleeping like crap.  It would be nice not to wake myself up tossing and turning every hour or two.

2.  I went and took a skills test/applied for some part time work at one of the public libraries in town today!  The skills test was basically "can you alphabetize?  Can you order things properly in Dewey decimal?".  I'm pretty sure I passed, unless some wires got seriously crossed in my head.  I also saw that the other public library is advertising for a circulation position, so I'll be applying to that one too.  Yay for the potential to work with and around all the books!

3. At some point last night, some jerk(s?) went along the row of garages next to our apartment building and ripped the 9-volts out of all the door keypads.  This was discovered as Husband was on his way to referee some soccer games, which of course meant he couldn't get to his car.  For a minute he was worried that the car was going to be missing, but I told him to beep the door locks with the key fob and thankfully we could hear the car inside the garage.  The manual release on the door didn't work, so I ended up just driving him to the field in my car (which we don't have a garage space for).   Luckily I had enough time to do that and still get to the library. 

As for the garage, the plastic casing that holds the battery in the keypad was just completely snapped off and lying on the ground next to the door.  I ended up getting a spare battery and just holding the wires against the contacts to get the door open and pull the car out.  So tomorrow when I go to pay the rent I'll have to tell the landlords what happened and ask for a new keypad to be installed.  Preferably one that you have to unscrew something to get at the battery, because I can just see this happening again otherwise.
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Dear asshole who thought 2:15 in the morning was a good time to park your car in the lot right outside my window and blast boom-bah rap music and rev your engine wildly:

Fuck you, and I hope you were still in your vehicle when the cop car showed up, and I furthermore hope you had indulged in a little of the green stuff because if there is anyone that (a)6 should be used like a sledgehammer on, it's jackasses like you.

Me being a nice person ends quite abruptly when my (increasingly precious) sleep time gets interrupted. 

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