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But not unwelcome!  I think Buffalo surprised everyone today, especially Boston.  It's great that a different team ended up winning the Isobel Cup for the second year of the NWHL (I just wish it had been the Rivs... ;__;).  Especially such an underdog as Buffalo was coming into the finals, barely getting into third place.  I suspect if they'd had to play Boston and New York in the opposite order, it would have been a very different story.

(I really need to make myself some sort of hockey user icon.)

I was also rooting for Buffalo going into this game because I saw that Harrison Browne decided to retire at the end of the season, and I wanted him to get his name on the Cup before he went.  Although I think he's planning on staying involved with the league in an advisory capacity, which is great all around.  It sounds like Brianne McLaughlin is also retiring, but what a game to go out with.  She was the reason they won today, and definitely deserved the MVP.

The rink they played in for this game was much better from the broadcasting standpoint, even if the crowd looked a lot smaller spread out across a rink that has seats all the way around it.  I hope they can update the visual feeds for the home ice venues next year to the level this one had, because it makes a huge difference for the broadcast/streaming quality.  It's a damn shame that they are usually stuck in practice rinks that don't have the kind of A/V support they need to really make it a viable viewing experience for people watching remotely.

I can't wait to see how next season goes!  Hopefully they can get more sponsorship deals and some games on TV.  That would be spectacular.  (And one year closer to potential expansion, yey.)

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So, I know they were playing for nothing but spoiling Boston's perfect season, but I'm so jazzed about the Riveters beating them 3-2 in the last regular-season game of the year!  :D

Katie Fitzgerald is a ridiculous goalie.  She carried the rest of the team for several stretches of the game and made some absolutely spectacular saves.  And yay also for Amanda Kessel continuing her points streak.  Now they just have to beat Buffalo on Friday and (almost certainly) repeat against Boston on Sunday to win the cup!~

I really wish there were NWHL teams out in this part of the country.  I would love to go see one in person, but there's no way I can go all the way to the east coast just for a hockey game.  Hurry up and get an expansion division out here already!
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I do not know why I am so tired today, after sleeping so long last night and the night before.  I suppose it was not really the most restful sleep if you go by the kind of dreams I had--lots of running away, and that weird thing where you actually feel pain in the dream.

Even so, I have been unconscionably lazy and unproductive today.  The Packers game was on, of course, and thank you [personal profile] kayote  and spouse for the jigsaw puzzle--it was quite fun and took the edge off the nail-biter of a game nicely.

I really need to actually spend some time tomorrow working on creative stuff, and not waste all three of my long weekend days.  It has been very difficult to work past the funk I've been in the past couple days, though.  And by "been very difficult" I mean "I haven't managed it yet".  Too many things that can all demand my attention, and too much wibbly wobbly feelings.

*le sigh*  Tomorrow is another day.

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Well, it's official.  Had I not narrowly missed the playoffs in my fantasy football league, I would have won the championship.  In both two-week playoff rounds, I scored the most points of anyone in the league.  This week was absolutely egregious; I scored 129 points more than my opponent.  129 points in and of itself would be a pretty darned good week, for reference.

In terms of the two-week totals for the championship round, I ended up scoring 42 more points (heh) than the next highest team.  Of course, this stellar performance just means my team finishes in 5th place in the league.  Bah.

I doubt I'll make a fantasy football team next year; the stress of it outweighed the fun and it encouraged me to watch way more football than was good for me.  I have much better things to do with my time, especially now that I'm working during the week.

In the meantime, Husband may be going to the Packers playoff game next week if he can make it work with his schedule (the game is Sunday afternoon, almost six hours away, and he has work the next day).  I, however, will be staying in my nice warm house on my nice comfy couch and not having my eardrums shattered by crowd noise.  I get more out of the game with the TV broadcast camera angles and slow-mo anyways.

Final in 10

Nov. 2nd, 2016 11:54 pm
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There are fireworks going off in our neighborhood and we could hear people in another house shouting as the final out was made.

Holy hells, I can't believe they did it.  So many times in the course of that game, it looked like they were going to fall on their faces and let Cleveland take it.  I think this game tonight is going to go down in baseball history; it was a ridiculous rollercoaster the entire time.  I'm glad I was here to watch it.

Cubs win!
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I really wish I had known that there was a US professional women's hockey league (NWHL) that started this year, prior to Friday.  But I am really glad I found out about it in time to watch the championship series yesterday and today and see the first ever Isobel Cup victory!  It would be so awesome if they can add some Midwest teams to the league, too (right now there are only four teams, in the Northeast).  It sounds like the league was pretty successful in its inaugural year, so hooray for that. 

Maybe next year they can have the finals in a better venue than the NJ Devils practice facility though.  It was standing room only, so clearly they could use more audience space.  :P


Jun. 7th, 2015 12:15 pm
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I'm not a particular fan of soccer, myself, but I threw on a women's World Cup game on the basis that 1) I would like to support women's sports and 2) husband would definitely have had it on if he weren't out reffing soccer games all afternoon, go figure.  So at least I can express our household's viewing preferences even if he's out.

But even if the game is not my cup of tea, how awesome is it to watch the players celebrating after a goal?  The world could use more warm-happy-joy feelies like this, for sure.

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