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Blugh.  I've been not particularly active lately because last week was eaten by being actively sick, and this week has so far been eaten by residual sick combined with whumping exhaustion.  My pipes are full of blech and trying to cough it up has resulted in fairly nasty headaches for the past couple days.  To compensate, I keep taking two hour naps after getting home from work--today I walked in the door, dropped everything, and fell straight into bed.  The poor kitty was stuck outside the bedroom door singing the song of her people and I'm sure was very confused why her human was ignoring her after finally coming back.

But one more day, and then I will have a three-day weekend.  I am going to sleep in so hard on Friday, people.  I am going to do exactly nothing that I don't want to do and leave my resting bitch face on all day without feeling anxiety over it.  Maybe if the weather permits I will take a sketchbook out to one of the local parks, who knows! 

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If I had to sum up the past couple days, it would be "blaaarg".  I've come down with some sort of sick that is all in my chest, and I'm desperately trying not to lose my voice.  I had to apologize to some people on the phone for being all croaky today.  It is really quite unpleasant, and I do not handle being sick graciously.  "Whinging" is a symptom that seems to always accompany it.  : P

Otherwise, I read this really good TED talk today (yes, read, I tend to be able to follow better by reading the transcript instead of watching the video).  This is something that all creative people should think about, no matter whose story they decide they are telling.  I think personally my art owes a lot to my experiences as socialized-female and cis-female-bodied.  It's not to say that people whose experiences don't mirror mine couldn't find meaning there, but much of what I do is in coming to grips with myself. 

But I think it's likely that no one can put into their art universal truths of the human experience, because such a thing does not exist.  Even the one big thing that everyone experiences--death--is not something that everyone approaches the same way.  So we shouldn't say of anything that this is "the" story--it is only "a" story.

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