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Don't ever let it be said that I don't finish these things. Eventually. (Even if this one is coming up on six months overdue.)
Julia knows less than I do about what was actually going on in these events, but it's first-person, so hey.
And without further ado,
What a long, strange trip it's been. :)
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Second-to-last installment....the end of the world is nigh!
(Major disclaimer...completely fictional, based off a weekly roleplaying game. The first amendment only goes so far nowadays, so I cover my butt in a traditional fashion.)
Oh, and this one is particularly emo...why do my characters keep doing this? :p
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Next time: The final countdown! Showdown at the seventh seal!
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Third-to-last installment. *sniffsniff*
(disclaimer: all fictional.)

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Getting closer and closer to the end...

(And may I just add yet another disclaimer that this is a journal for a fantasy roleplaying game? Seriously, when I start getting recruitment mail from the military that thinks I'm pre-med, I start to wonder whether someone's files are sadly inaccurate.)

(I'm an art BFA. And I would love a job with the CIA, if you're hiring. :p)

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Next time:
Back to Chicago, and fighting back against the Seclesti~
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But the soul still burns!

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Next time: Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
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The saga continues...
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Back from break, and have a new mission report. There's a gap between the last one and this one...pertinent information is:
Draco Company has coup-ed our Organization (it was really in charge to begin with).
Four nearly indestructible demons are running the show.
To kill them, we need to obtain the "legendary weapons of humanity".
We are now based out of a military base in Alaska, and leadership and resources are unstable.

(usual disclaimer: this is a fantasy roleplaying game. no actual events are described herein.)

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Out of town for the Thanksgiving weekend, and last session would be just boring to write a straight-up report about. So here's a quick recap of the major occurrences:
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To Big Brother: please note, in case you don't read the whole thing thoroughly, that this is a mission report from a fictional role-playing game. I am a law-abiding, if somewhat kooky, U.S. citizen. :p

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And last week's report..

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So that I have a digital copy of it, I think I'm going to post my mission reports from the current roleplaying game up here.
(I know, haven't posted in nearly a year. Whatever--not going to apologize for it since pretty much no one reads this anyway at this point ^^;)

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