Aug. 13th, 2013 09:08 am
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I got an interview for correctional officer! 

*rolls around happily*

Two weeks from Wednesday...I'd better start practicing my "tough" face.  ;-)
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I figure it's about time for a general status update that doesn't involve me griping about my various creative projects (I did finish some arts last week, though!  Yay!). 

Was notified that the other candidate got hired by first-choice police department.  Of course I'm disappointed, but the upside of that is that I am now at the top of the list and there will hopefully be another position opening there before the list has to go away.  In the meantime, another local department is hiring and I'm currently banging my head against the brick wall that is the application for them.  Their testing will probably be next month.

In the mean-meantime, I have a temp secretary job.  Productive member of society go!

Husband talked me into getting a new monitor during the pre-4th of July sale at Newegg.  I am usually pretty hesitant to spend on myself like that, but I probably did need one (and the discounts, all-told, were pretty good).  My old monitor was purchased in 2006 and the screen brightness was starting to go a little bit.  If I wasn't doing art on it, it wouldn't be as big a deal, but I really do need to be able to see the colors and things properly.  This one is widescreen and bigger, and quite shiny.  The one thing I miss about the old one is that the sound through the speaker bar was gorgeous...this one has built-in speakers and I can definitely hear the difference in quality.  But I'll get used to it, and I can always use my headphones if it comes down to it.

The return of American Ninja Warrior is inspiring me to really work harder on my upper body strength.  I know I will never have the physique of the rescue-swimmer-lady we saw competing (her shoulders!  Dear gods, I want them!), but I can at least dream of people going "damn, she's buff" when I go around sleeveless.  I'm doing chin-up reps with only 40 lbs. of assistance at this point, moving ever closer to my goal of being able to do them unassisted. 

And I think that's about it. 


Feb. 26th, 2013 09:42 am
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We moved!  It happened, and it happened with a minimum of fuss (the telecom company that Shall Not Be Named didn't even screw up our internet switchover this time).  Both our families came to help with the loading up and the unloading, which helped a lot.  It only took an hour to get all the stuff off the truck and into the new apartment, definitely a record for us.  Things are starting to settle down and I almost have all the little idiosyncrasies of the new place down.  Cooking on a gas stove again is definitely interesting, but I managed to make THE BEST STEAKS EVER last night, so I am rapidly getting the hang of it.

In other news, my interview went smashingly and I got a call to schedule a ride-along for about two weeks from now.  I take this as a good sign that I am definitely in the running for this position.  (Extremely excited about this; every time I see more from this department I feel more and more like it's a perfect fit for me.)  Oh, and I got a gym membership at a place that's only about two minutes away, because the new apartment complex does not have a workout room.  So this morning I am off to the gym, so that I can stay in shape and not die if I need to go to academy at the start of April.
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The good news: I learned how to jump a car yesterday.

The bad news: We had to jump the van yesterday. 

Actually this was a relief, because when we tried to start the thing, the specific manner of it not starting seemed to be something worse than just a dying battery.  (It was making a rapid click-click-click noise and it seemed like the ABS was completely frotzed.)  But it sorted itself out once we got some juice into it, and all things considered, it was probably the best situation to have something like this happen in.  Both of us were there, we had the other car right there to jump it with, and we were just going out for groceries so it wasn't like there was a meeting or something we were going to be late for. 

And before anyone says anything, I know damned well that cars are not an area of particular expertise for me.  I've never had my own, so basic maintenance is not something I was ever responsible for.  I fully intend to just go and buy Cars For Dummies or whatever the actual title is, so that I can at least smile and nod and have some clue what they're talking about should I end up in conversation with anyone about automobiles.  (Hint: if I become a police officer, this will happen.  If I learned anything from my ride-alongs, it's that things with combustion engines are the go-to topic for officers chatting with one another.)

Also I am highly suspicious in retrospect that the reason my wrist was acting up yesterday was not due to workouts (I haven't had push-up related wrist issues in a while...thank you, increased muscle tone) but due to the whackadoodle weather.  The fog was like pea soup when we went out to the store. 

Good news!

Apr. 21st, 2012 06:40 pm
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I passed my physical agility exam for the police department!  (And I didn't even fall on my butt after getting over the fence or while pulling the dummy.)  I am assuming I passed the written also, but their scanning machine was broken so they're going to have to mail us our scores.  :p

Now to decompress.  Anything that I accomplish other than being a lump on the couch for the rest of the weekend will be exceeding all expectations.
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There is a definite downside to writing up last week's roleplaying session log directly after my ride-along field reports.  Namely, the words "stated", "observed", "appeared to be", and "advised" are making waaaaay too many appearances for an RP write-up.  C'mon, brain.  Subjective reality can be true sometimes, too.  There's nothing wrong with saying how you feel (or more importantly, how that other guy was feeling).  New mantra: It's okay to assume!

On the plus side, I now have a lot more sympathy for the Fair Witnesses in Stranger in a Strange Land

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