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Noema card titled "The Fountain"

The Fountain represents our ability to overcome adversity and start anew, either through determination and inspiration or through the simple passage of time. This Ikon washes the past away, allowing us to move on however much our lives and selves may have changed.

This is the seventeenth card of twenty-seven. It is very strange to think that there are only ten left (not counting Virtues, of which I think I will do twelve total if I have the energy).

I should do a Conjunction next, preferably something that does not require extensive amounts of foliage.
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Griorgair's Visionary

The Visionary is the part of us that creates grand designs and tries to execute them-- that wants to change the world and believes that it can be done. Unlike the Stargazer, the Visionary's plans come from within; but both frequently result in lifelong quests and obsessions. Out of all the aspects, the Visionary is the most likely to create something which will stand the test of time; but in exchange it is also an engine of perpetual dissatisfaction with the way things are.

This is number 16 of 27! Progress is being made! I was hoping to have more done by halfway through frickin' April, but this card was understandably complicated. There was a lot of figuring geometric things out as I went along, and there were most definitely things that did not make the final cut.

I think I will leave the next card up to the random number generator. I've had some ideas for the Courtier, but it needs more time to percolate.
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Well, I finished it.  The Visionary is done, stick a fork in it.  Unfortunately I have no brains remaining to make intelligent commentary on it right now or navigate the arcane process of uploading images, so you all will have to wait until I get home tomorrow to see it.  : P

Because I am constantly getting myself in over my head, I started a new crochet blanket yesterday.  This time I am learning how to do things that are made on a polar coordinate system instead of Cartesian!  In other words, I'm making squares right now.  Later there will be hexagons.  And then after that, I will get to figure out how to attach these all to one another.  *cries*

Right now though, I have made...6 squares out of 50.  Long project will be long.  I just hope I don't have to go buy more yarn because the other point of this blanket was to use up some of my leftovers so I can feel less bad about going and splurging on lovely soft Lion brand yarn.  I'm making this blanket in a green and yellow motif (gee I wonder why) and hopefully it will be done before football season for Husband to snuggle under.  Given that football doesn't return for almost five months, it had better be done by then!
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Though sometimes it feels more like crawling.  I was successful at sitting down and getting more work done on the Visionary, which is going soooo slowly and requires so many shapes.  I have figured out the Photoshop shortcuts to make the program do some of the heavy lifting there, but it still requires me to visualize what I want.  This is difficult when I'm attacking a lot of subject matter I'm not familiar with.  And I'm still somewhat worried that once I have all the bits constructed  I won't be able to make them fit right and it will all turn out a mess.

Thankfully, Husband took dinner from the "chicken patties are in the oven" stage to "plates done, ready to eat" while I crashed on the couch and passed out for a few minutes.  Work was very ridiculously busy today, being the first day of classes, and I had a very long day of feeling like I was not at all getting things done for people and they are going to give me the Judgment of Shame. 

Now I'm probably going to do some video games before bedtime; I finished Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright over the weekend (so Masque-y, y'all), so it's either back to FF3 or Gyakuten Kenji 2.  I'm feeling much more confident about the latter since the last time I was playing it; I've progressed to something like 1,300 kanji and I know a lot of the more specialized vocab now.  This is very necessary, since this is the first game in the series to have a portion of gameplay with a timed element.  I could flail around wildly and keep reloading my save file, but I might as well try to do it properly.
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Did I call it or did I call it: I did not in fact finish my Noema deck last year.  I did get to the halfway point, which I suppose is an accomplishment.

This year's intent: finish two cards a month.  I think this is a pace I can sustain, given what I got done during October, but it means I will have to marshal my energy after getting home from work and sequester myself in my studio. 

Currently I have started the Visionary, and I may work on the Courtier after/in between that.  I've got an image in my head that needs refining for the Courtier, but it is more than I have for any of the others right now. 

Right this moment, I am just trying to make sure this weekend is productive--Husband has just left for Wisconsin (Go Pack Go!) and will probably not be back until Monday.  This gives me a window of ease-of-working where I don't have to worry about another person being in the house, so I want to take advantage of it. 

The Tower

Nov. 13th, 2016 08:57 pm
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Large image beneath the cut )
The card of tumultuous change and loss, the Tower describes challenges strong enough to crack the very foundations of identity. Anything we build is fragile; there are forces beyond our control which can take away anything we hold dear. Such destruction is always painful but not necessarily final-- the Ikon calls change down upon us, but we can survive it if we also change.

The random number generator that made me start this card during October must have known something I didn't, because I can't think of a more appropriate theme for the foreseeable future.  I'm so very afraid that everything is coming to a shatter point--if it already hasn't--and I admit that I am a coward who doesn't want to live through that.  I want, most of all, humans to survive the next century without either blowing ourselves up or making the atmosphere entirely uninhabitable. 

It's been very difficult to set those fears aside and get to work.  I think if my religion didn't now viscerally repel me, I would be taking solace there.  In the absence of that, I have to turn to my more fundamental belief in Beauty and Creation, and it's hard to see the point of making things right now.  It also feels like a cop-out, that I should be out in the streets protesting or being a clinic escort or donating my time to some cause, somewhere, that might actually make a difference.  Otherwise how could I possibly be adding to the world instead of taking away?

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Large image beneath the cut )
The Empress is our drive for control, both of ourselves and the world around us. She is the ego, representing our identity as it reflects our desires and the way in which we express them. The Empress sets the rules and does what is necessary to ensure they are followed. The Ikon is most often associated with direct and obvious manifestations of power, but she also encompasses the subtler forces we use to influence the world around us.

I said I was going to keep making beautiful things, so I am.

This card was really difficult to finish given the events of election night.  I am afraid that the negative aspects of it are everything we're going to have to be fighting for the next years.  But naming a thing is the first step in fighting it, so here.  I reject despots and authoritarianism, and inasmuch as I obey a higher force, it is the Constitution--which is the highest law of our land, and let's not forget it.
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Hooray, I have finished another card.  This is #13 of 27, so I am very nearly halfway done.  With the Ikons.  I'm not even thinking about Virtues, argh.

Duty is the Ikon of service to something outside ourselves, whether it be a person, idea, code, country, family, or organization. Sometimes the call comes from outside, but the obligation can also come unasked from within ourselves. All incarnations of Duty involve some level of sacrifice, even if only through a limitation of choices; but not all service is repaid and not all Duty is just.
Large image beneath the cut )
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I know there are still a few more days left in the month, but I'm not going to have any more pieces completed before then.  So here's what I managed to create for my special Inktober project, which was to produce line art for as many Noema cards as possible.  My goal was to get four cards done, one per week with a few days left over for buffer, and I am reasonably happy to have actually done three.  (There was a point during the Empress where I thought I would be lucky to finish two.)

Ignore the fact that they are different sizes; that is entirely due to me not caring how they're cropped when I flatten and shrink the WIP file for these preview images.  All the final versions get cropped to a uniform size and then shrunk to an appropriate size.

Cards below the cut out of courtesy.
Clickie here )
Next: the Visionary.  Which I have no idea what I'm doing design-wise.  And at some point I'll be coloring and finalizing these three, as well.

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We had a new furnace and a/c installed today, which overall is a relief to finally have done.  It was also a marathon of stress and anxiety because I have no idea how to deal with contractors and was on edge all day waiting for something to go wrong or needing to decide on something about which I know nothing.  Also I am the most awkward person in existence and the only reason I'm not imploding into a little ball of shame right now is because I have convinced myself I will never see those technicians ever again.

On the plus side, hiding in my studio let me work on Noema cards for a ridiculous 5(!) total hours today, finishing the Empress line art and making significant inroads on the Tower, which is thankfully not taking nearly as long.  So even though my brain is telling me "keep working; there are still more hours in the day", I can pretty effectively (exhaustedly) tell it to go f**k itself. 

Now I am going to watch Monday Night Football (I need 16 points from the Denver kicker and Lamar Miller for a win; I will be so embarrassed to lose to a 0-6 team otherwise), and read more of The Fifth Season.  On my new Kindle Paperwhite, both of which were birthday gifts from my parents, yey.
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Tomorrow I am going for step 1 of Doing My Part for the country, and attending my election judge class.  I am oddly both quite nervous about it and also resigned to it (or perhaps, resigned to the nervousness).  Quite out of practice at putting on that particular people face, but hopefully it'll be mostly or entirely lecture rather than any roleplaying or such.  I can spend four hours learning interesting rules of election play.

In book news, I've picked Freedom and Necessity by Steven Brust and Emma Bull up again.  I bounced off this one twice but am enjoying it a lot better this time.  The big difference is that I've read some annotated Jane Austen novels in the meantime, so I have a much better appreciation for the genre as well as the background to understand the context and particular vocabulary associated with the British aristocracy of the 19th century.  Alas, I am not going to finish it in time for this year's tally.  Oh, well.

Inktober proceeds, though I am behind.  I should be getting more work in on it.  I'm fairly certain I can finish the Empress before the end of the month, but I may not get a third card done unless it ends up being a reeeeally sparse one. 


Mar. 25th, 2013 04:42 pm
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What's that, you say?  After finally sorting out the $#&% mirror (may it still never be spoken of again), working on the Weaver is actually fun again!?  Who'da thunk?

(Actually the mirror is not 100% done.  It has been redrawn and the shape and positioning are now correct, but I still have to figure out the fiddly detailwork of the design around the frame.)

Also it can be spring any time now.  A foot of snow over the last day?  Yeah.  It's supposed to finally start pushing towards the fifties this week, though, so maybe that's the last gasp of a winter that barely got out of the starting gate.

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I'm sure my time could have been better spent for the past hour or two (finishing writing up Strowmatt being up there on the list), but I've been messing with my Ikon playlist again.  I've actually filled in most of what was left in the past couple days, with only three spots left on the whole list that don't have a single possible song to them.  Actually, Temptation had one at several points, but those all got discarded for various reasons.  So besides that, it's the Courtier and (what else?) the Weaver.  Yes, my very own Ikon.  It turns out that the one based on pure reason and intellect is hard to find an appropriate song to represent, who'da thunk?  And here I was thinking there would be all kinds of songs out there about not getting emotional and approaching troubles with a clear, rational mind. 

I suspect that one is going to end up matching the Ikon more in an aesthetic sense than anything else, but we'll see what I can dredge up.  Then, of course, begins the process of going over the "maybes".  Eventually, the list will be complete.  Eventually.
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Coloring the Noema is like playing a game of Battleship.  You start a card with little to go on besides the psychology of your opponent, then fling random salvos at the thing until something sticks.  Chain successes together until you start to get a vague map put together for where you're going.  Spend an inordinate amount of time chasing down the damned two-bit patrol boat.  Find out afterwards that you were this close to having the whole thing solved from the onset.  And then mind-numbing cleanup.

That said, the general color scheme for the Weaver is starting to come together.  The fiddly details are going to be murder, though.

(At some point I should really finish Crossroads.  I mean, all I have left is to redo the lion and clean it up.  Just bite the bullet and do it.)

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So, I got back on the wagon today and inked the Weaver.  I am...cautiously optimistic that I won't have too much tweaking to do when I get it on the computer.  I already noticed that the right arm is way too long, but that should be relatively trivial to fix.  And I think I finally figured out how to not leave graphite smudgies all over the damned thing that have to be erased. 

Now I'm trying to work up the energy to get something else, anything, done tonight, but my brain is not cooperating.  Perhaps when husband gets back with dinner, the efforts will go better.  It doesn't help that I'm torn between wanting to doodle my detective character (in my brain he now looks like the Middle Man) and wanting to start planning a scene from his POV.  It really, really should be in first-person in the greatest tradition of cheapo noir crime novels, but I'm not certain I'm up to that particular task. 

As a side note, working with [personal profile] cereta on this story has been amazingly fun.  I'm looking forward to the end product when we finally get there.  :)
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Well, that's great.  My tablet is borked.  It's been doing this thing lately where it hiccups and loses all its settings, including pen pressure and how to move the cursor around the screen.  Which means it ends up making a blobby line instead of being able to taper the width of the pen stroke according to how hard I press down.  This is essentially like trying to draw after suddenly having your thumb chopped off.  Until this point, it was doing this maybe every 15-20 minutes and I could fix it by unplugging the cable and replugging it back in.  Now? Every ten seconds.  I cannot work like this.  

For goodness' sake, right in the middle of my November art project?  Seriously?  I know you've given me ten good years, tablet, but this is just begging me to go all Office Space on your ass once I've scraped together enough money and/or vital organs to get a new one from Wacom.  (Bastards.  No really but I love you guys.  Some day I will own a Cintiq.)

I guess I'll be breaking out the colored pencils and/or Copics tomorrow.  Sigh.  Now all I need is for the scanner to go splooie, too.
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So, it is November.  Last year was really fun, but I don't know that there's enough I need to expand on with our game's wiki to do the exact same thing over again.  However, there is this huge card project that I've been putzing around on that needs to get worked on, so what better time is there?  Husband has suggested that I set a goal of getting all the 27 Ikons designed by the end of the month, and if I have time left over after that, doing as many pencils as I can.  Going into this, the count is: three completed, two at the coloring stage, and one penciled/being tweaked.  With a variety that are in some state of design. 

So yeah, wish me luck.  Gonna need it.
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Just a leetle bit shaky at the moment; just went round 10 (ish?) with the blood donation chair.  Me: 8, hypovolemic fainting: 2.  Also, husband went with me and donated for the first time.  Of course, he feels just fine while I think I'm going to crash on the couch for the rest of the afternoon.  Also he was interviewed by one of the local news affiliates who were covering the drive, which is pretty cool.  Will have to see if they run that tonight.

So it's November tomorrow, and while there's no way in hell I'm doing a NaNo (and I don't think a wiki writing project like last year would be quite so...productive, given how much of our world we've filled in by this point), I think I may try an art version of it.  Namely, working my ass off to get stuff done on this Noema project.  Now, there's no way in hell I'm going to finish the Ikons by the end of the month, so coming up with an attainable goal is eluding me at the moment.  Progress is much faster these days, though.  (http://tntnoema.tumblr.com/
If my tablet can survive the month, that is.

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