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My brain does this thing when I'm studying on Wanikani, where it autoplays music that it associates with the particular vocab word I'm looking at.  For example, 朝 (morning) gets "Good Morning" from Singing in the Rain.  Fair enough.  全国 (nationwide) gets the Nationwide jingle.  Annoying, but makes sense.

Then we start getting a little weirder.  回転 (rotation) calls up "Right Round".  The kanji 馬 (horse) is attached to the Bad Horse song from Dr. Horrible, which is actually useful because the on'yomi reading for the kanji is "ba". 

So today I'm learning the word 虫歯 (cavity).  Any guesses which song pops into my head? 

If you guessed "Macavity" from Cats, you'd be right.  These are not even related things, brain.

The sad thing is, this isn't even the first Cats song I've had come up this way.  Thank you, 思い出 (memory).

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Fun fact: I have never been able to properly spell "Mediterranean" without a lot of hemming and hawing and occasionally having to look up where the double letter goes.  Until now!  When the word "地中海" came up on Wanikani (meaning Mediterranean Sea, of course).

Then I had a sudden eureka moment when I realized the kanji mean "earth-middle-sea".  Medi, terra!  Aha!  These are not just random syllables!

I love etymology.  I love it even more when it leads to ease of spelling.

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