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Meeting log progress: 5/8 notes pages written up.  Yes, I know the page count went up.  I finished typing up the half-a-scene that I didn't have notes for, which ballooned the file a bit.  Remaining: shotgun wedding (inasmuch as a member of the local constabulary is standing by with a shotgun in case the bride goes mad with power) and gryphon fight.  Should be easily manageable tomorrow night.

Worked some more on the pencils for my new watercolor piece.  It's going well, I think.  I am excited about this piece, though I will have to do a lot of boring color tests before I start to make sure I don't screw up the palette terribly. 

Have been playing more Gyakuten Kenji 2, finally, and the second case is starting to get weird.  Or at least, it's definitely not going the direction I was expecting.  I think I have to disagree with Edgeworth though, and agree with Judge Mikagami--following the law should be higher than "finding the truth"--or at the very least, you should be willing to take whatever consequences the law hands out for breaking it.  I suppose that's a way of respecting rule of law, anyways.

I'm actually kind of glad I waited to play this game and worked my way through Gyakuten Saiban 1-3 in Japanese first.  My vocabulary is much improved in the interim.  I was very happy to see a kanji I just learned on Wanikani pop up in an interesting compound word: (slippery) showed up during the investigation when I found a pulley-and-tackle (滑車, literally "slippery car"). 

Now I desperately need to get some sleep to be ready to face tomorrow.
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Today I started in on level 40 of WaniKani.  This means that, allowing for the actual ability of my brain to pull information out of memory, I can now read 1,300 kanji.  Not all readings for every one, of course, but at least I'd know more or less what a word means even if I hadn't learned that specific usage. 

Practice these days involves reading Fullmetal Alchemist manga.  I almost wish there weren't furigana, because it takes a concerted effort to read the kanji first and that makes comprehension a little more difficult.  But if they weren't there, I would never be able to figure out a lot of the scientific words. 

I should also keep up with my playthrough of FF3 in Japanese before I completely lose track of the plot.  It can get annoying sometimes because the DS resolution has to use the compressed kanji font and I can't always parse that, though. 
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Have returned from the bridal shower/in-law extended family get-together in Wisconsin.  As always, I'm still recovering a bit from the culture shock.  The worst was a moment of sheer dissonance when I looked around at the room with 30 or so people crammed into it and realized "holy hells, they are all doing femininity so hard I do not speak this language halp".  Like, I can do the small talk and the cooing over precious shower gifts (and one of the aunties kept complimenting me on my short haircut, hooray!) but there is just this pose with the makeup and the wispy sundresses and the heels and I cannot assume it.  When I have to, for an actual formal event, I get about two hours before I feel like crawling out of my own skin for the unfamiliar confines of a dress and face paint and the change in body language they demand.

I wish I had the courage to wear my pant-suit and vest to the wedding this summer.  I can't describe how wonderful it felt when I wore that to an event Husband and I went to at the university.  Formal clothes!  That I can move like myself in and feel swanky at the same time!  And if it were my extended family instead of Husband's (and not the culture of teeny farming community, rural Wisconsin), I might very well.  But I don't want to do something that would pull attention at the wedding of a cousin-in-law.  Not my day.

We also had a graduation party the same evening, and almost had a tent fall on us after a sudden severe thunderstorm blew up.  It was raining so hard and horizontal that nothing under the tent, even on the opposite side from where the rain was coming in, stayed dry.  One of the corner poles did indeed fall down, but luckily the whole thing didn't collapse. 

So yes.  Lots and lots of people.  So many people, so much talking.  My head did not do so well this weekend, but I think I'm mostly recovered today with getting to stay home and just read quietly.  Today I also hit Wanikani level 30, and have now officially learned 1,000 kanji!  That means I'm halfway to being able to read a newspaper.  : P

And now I will stop dithering about, and work up the guts to do some color tests for the Swan Daughter painting (pencils are done).  Maybe.  Hopefully.  Why is watercolor so scary.

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My brain does this thing when I'm studying on Wanikani, where it autoplays music that it associates with the particular vocab word I'm looking at.  For example, 朝 (morning) gets "Good Morning" from Singing in the Rain.  Fair enough.  全国 (nationwide) gets the Nationwide jingle.  Annoying, but makes sense.

Then we start getting a little weirder.  回転 (rotation) calls up "Right Round".  The kanji 馬 (horse) is attached to the Bad Horse song from Dr. Horrible, which is actually useful because the on'yomi reading for the kanji is "ba". 

So today I'm learning the word 虫歯 (cavity).  Any guesses which song pops into my head? 

If you guessed "Macavity" from Cats, you'd be right.  These are not even related things, brain.

The sad thing is, this isn't even the first Cats song I've had come up this way.  Thank you, 思い出 (memory).

*Level up*

Jul. 23rd, 2015 11:25 am
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I finally reached level 10 in Wanikani!  Wahoo!

(That only took six months.  I could have done it faster but probably at the expense of retention.)

At this point I have done lessons on 309 kanji and 859 vocabulary words.  For a comparison, at the peak of my fluency while in Japan, I probably felt competent with about eight or nine hundred kanji.

Of course there are plenty of kanji I haven't done lessons on yet, but which I feel pretty comfortable with.  In particular anything related to the court system/prosecution/investigation of crimes (thank you, Ace Attorney!). 

Onward to greater fluency!
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Fun fact: I have never been able to properly spell "Mediterranean" without a lot of hemming and hawing and occasionally having to look up where the double letter goes.  Until now!  When the word "地中海" came up on Wanikani (meaning Mediterranean Sea, of course).

Then I had a sudden eureka moment when I realized the kanji mean "earth-middle-sea".  Medi, terra!  Aha!  These are not just random syllables!

I love etymology.  I love it even more when it leads to ease of spelling.

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I started a beta account on WaniKani over the weekend.  It's basically a supposedly-better way of learning kanji/vocab, and I am sick and tired of having to relearn half my vocab every time I put down my Japanese for a few weeks.  So, we'll see how that goes, and if I like the system I'll probably shell out the money for it once the free trial is through.  I was in dire need of a refresher on some of the basics, anyways, and most of my mental energy while playing Gyakuten Kenji goes towards being competent with terms like "blunt force trauma" and "diplomatic immunity" for the duration of a case. 

Also looked into a freelance art thing for one of the departments at local university.  Promptly boarded the nope rocket once I found out the details.  Turns out they wanted not 50-60 images, but 50-60 sets of two or three (somewhat complicated) images each.  On a two week deadline.  For $200. 

I mean, I know you're a university research project and your budget is going to be crap, but it is literally not worth my time to tear my hair out doing 100-180 pictures for somewhere around $1 or $2 each in the span of two weeks.  I know there are people in my life who would be spouting "beggars can't be choosers", but actually yes I can choose not to wreck my mental health for $200.  I'd rather put the time and energy towards the Noema project, which hopefully someday will make me money and in the meantime I can just love on. 
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So I just wrapped up a case involving an in-flight murder and some sort of smuggling ring.  Franziska left me with vague insinuations of a secret shadowy criminal organization, this being only the tip of the iceberg.  What's next, I wonder? 

Then Edgeworth gets a call from someone he knows, saying his son has been kidnapped and please help.  The next case opens with me about to make the ransom money drop-off.  The kidnapper calls me up and tells me to go into this amusement park, into the haunted house.  They finally say to leave the money inside a room there.  And as I'm leaving, a figure starts creeping up on me from down the hall.  At the last minute, I can see that it's someone in a costume of the police department mascot, and then they knock me over the head with a sword.

Edgeworth just woke up in a basement, bound and gagged.  I love this game.

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