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We had a new furnace and a/c installed today, which overall is a relief to finally have done.  It was also a marathon of stress and anxiety because I have no idea how to deal with contractors and was on edge all day waiting for something to go wrong or needing to decide on something about which I know nothing.  Also I am the most awkward person in existence and the only reason I'm not imploding into a little ball of shame right now is because I have convinced myself I will never see those technicians ever again.

On the plus side, hiding in my studio let me work on Noema cards for a ridiculous 5(!) total hours today, finishing the Empress line art and making significant inroads on the Tower, which is thankfully not taking nearly as long.  So even though my brain is telling me "keep working; there are still more hours in the day", I can pretty effectively (exhaustedly) tell it to go f**k itself. 

Now I am going to watch Monday Night Football (I need 16 points from the Denver kicker and Lamar Miller for a win; I will be so embarrassed to lose to a 0-6 team otherwise), and read more of The Fifth Season.  On my new Kindle Paperwhite, both of which were birthday gifts from my parents, yey.
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I pretty much have to do a decontamination scrub every time I come upstairs from working in the basement, lest it spread.

There is just enough innate animism in my philosophy that I feel really, really sorry for this poor door I'm refinishing.  It's gouged all to heck, there's a big wedge taken out of one corner (that I'm going to try to reconstruct with wood putty), and a section of the decorative trim is sheared off (this, I can't fix).  There are these scrabbly claw marks all over the bottom half of it that must have been either the malicious work of a human, or the result of locking a dog in that room--they go too high up to have been made by a cat.  Unless it was an ocelot or something. 

But it is amazing what perseverance and 100 grit sandpaper can do, given enough time.  The door will still have its scars when I'm done, but it'll be whole in itself again.

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It is really a very good thing I have a high tolerance for stinky harsh chemicals.  Otherwise I'm pretty sure Husband would have found me passed out in the basement one of these times.

On the plus side, with the stripping/sanding/staining done, two coats of varnish and some hardware installation and we will have our bathroom door back.  (It's only taken all of a month to refinish it.  : P)  Hoping to get this done by the end of Sunday.
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Just heard from our agent and the sellers are agreeing to make all the repairs we asked for after the house inspection!  We were really worried about having to make a hard decision if they weren't going to fix some important stuff, but it seems it will not come to that.

This was the last big worrying step, so as long as the repairs are done right when we re-inspect, things should be good for this to go through.  *fingers crossed*

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