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I decided to make a second attempt at what I'm calling my American/Pride scarf (photos once I'm done).  The new stitch that I chose is a much denser weave, so more rows are needed for each stripe of color--specifically, ten.  Naturally, I like to forget how many rows I've done so far.  So what does a geek do?  She grabs a d10 out of her dice bag and uses that to keep track.  : P
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I think I have heard of this before, but it was the first time I've actually seen it.  The King William's College Quiz.  It says in the article that the average score was two; I think I knew three of them.  Doesn't look like the answers are posted yet, but I shall keep an eye out.

Oh for the lack of a classical education!  (Also I'm going to go out on a limb and assume some of these would be slightly easier for someone who grew up in the UK/Europe.)

Alternately, there is also this geeky version over here.

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Definitely did not sleep well last night.  Spent about half the night waking up every twenty minutes, and when I did fall asleep it was nothing but bad dreams.  First I dreamed that Romney had found some way of rigging all the voting machines and was going to steal the election.  Then I dreamed I was turning into a Dalek.  It's either a sign of my optimism going into today or my absolute geekiness that the latter was by far more terrifying.  In any case, everyone should go vote because if my dreams start coming true, we're going to be in for some serious weirdness.

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