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Nov. 15th, 2016 02:16 pm
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I've been playing Assassin's Creed: Syndicate lately, because it is a good coping mechanism and also because I really need to finish it so I can give the disc back to my dad.  This is the first main game that lets you play as a female assassin; technically the two main characters are twins, Jacob and Evie, but while there are some missions only Jacob can play, I can spend 85% of my time as Evie. 

Oh my goodness, it so wonderful to be able to play as a character who looks like me.  Especially wonderful to play as a woman who is strong and smart and competent without being sexualized.  The series as a whole is actually pretty good about this sort of thing; female NPCs generally have agency despite how easy it would be to play into stereotypes of history, and hardly anyone questions their ability to handle intrigue and violence (Arno from Unity gets a bit of a side-eye here though).  There are even a couple transgender characters, who were real historical personages.

Having a woman as the actual player character instead of an NPC is so much more satisfying, though.  And I admit, my love of Evie is partially because she's pretty much exactly how I imagine Dahlia looking, and her personality and skill set are what Dahlia would be like if she were trained from birth as some sort of Loom assassin, so.  I get to imagine my character being awesome.  : P
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I really wish I had known that there was a US professional women's hockey league (NWHL) that started this year, prior to Friday.  But I am really glad I found out about it in time to watch the championship series yesterday and today and see the first ever Isobel Cup victory!  It would be so awesome if they can add some Midwest teams to the league, too (right now there are only four teams, in the Northeast).  It sounds like the league was pretty successful in its inaugural year, so hooray for that. 

Maybe next year they can have the finals in a better venue than the NJ Devils practice facility though.  It was standing room only, so clearly they could use more audience space.  :P


Jun. 7th, 2015 12:15 pm
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I'm not a particular fan of soccer, myself, but I threw on a women's World Cup game on the basis that 1) I would like to support women's sports and 2) husband would definitely have had it on if he weren't out reffing soccer games all afternoon, go figure.  So at least I can express our household's viewing preferences even if he's out.

But even if the game is not my cup of tea, how awesome is it to watch the players celebrating after a goal?  The world could use more warm-happy-joy feelies like this, for sure.
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This made me so amazingly happy.  Yay for them!  As an extra bonus, the raffle for the chance to be the first ones is going to fund a holiday party for the childrens.  There is no part of this that is not win.

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