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Waaaait wait wait wait. 

Gmail, did you just change my default user icon--which I know damn well has been blue--to a pink bubble?  And do I see that Husband's similarly default icon is still blue?

*hoping she can see through the flames on the side of her face well enough to find whatever setting will fix this*
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Possibly one of the more aggravating things about Husband having a very large family is that we are going to spend the next twenty years attending cousins' weddings.  The aggravating part not being the weddings themselves, but the fact that apparently despite his family being the small-towniest people who ever lived, they can't fricking pass the message that I DIDN'T CHANGE MY NAME. 

Extra snark for the save the date card that just arrived, which was addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. Hisfirstname Hislastname".  I don't even get to keep my first name now apparently. 

(One, count it one, cousin has so far gotten this right without needing correction, but they are on the other side of Husband's family.  Although they did misspell my last name on the invitation.  But it's the thought that counts.)

I mean, seriously, you all were at our wedding.  Did you not pay attention to the part at the end where the priest announced our names separately,  preserving both our last names?  Is this some sort of passive-aggressive values judgment, or just cluelessness?

It is a small thing but it is MY NAME dammit.  Names are important.

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...lately I've been struck by the fact that every. single. personal assistant AI that I see commercials for has been given a female voice.  How useful they are!  How willing to fetch information and count things and remind you of appointments!

It's easy to not actively notice these things until you see those commercials airing right alongside the ones for the IBM Watson AI, which does have a male voice.  Because of course it does, being a hyper-intelligent supercomputer that is Redefining Industry and Blazing A Trail To The Future!

I'm sure it was a sound business decision on IBM's part.   After all, if you gave the Watson a female voice and had it snark at Ken Jennings on broadcast television, someone would track down the address of the server room and dox it. 

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