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So I'm snuggled up on the couch with my kitty, taking advantage of the extra patience cold weather gives her to head-bomp and snuzzle her, when I hear a commercial come on the TV.  The first line of dialogue: "The most important job a woman can have is to be a mother."

Zero to nope in 1.5 seconds, right there. 

I look up and, fittingly, it's a Trump campaign ad by his daughter.  Clearly they're trying to appeal to women by following it up with a lot of bullshit about how he's planning on passing equal pay reforms and maternity leave (not bloody likely). 

I mean, if she had said "The most important job for me is being a mother," that would have been halfway reasonable.  But thanks for just throwing that out as a universal statement of what I should be doing with my life.  See icon.

(11 more days c'mon people we can do it.  Landslide defeat for that jackass.)

korafox: (RAWR)
Even I, who regularly argue more from emotion than logic, can no longer stand the sheer quantity of logical fallacies I continue to see in this whole debate about women being allowed into combat roles.  The idea that women are generally less athletically capable than men does not invalidate the desires of superior women who want to go into the infantry.  That is all.

Hilarious postscript: a commenter on one of these threads stated that they had a six-year-old daughter who was such a challenge that she would either be President or dead by the time she was 30.  Husband and I had a good guffaw over that one.

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