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I'm really steamed at my technology right now.  I finally went to get some scanning done.  The colors are borked, of course, some sort of oversaturation issue.  Not sure exactly.  Also not entirely sure whether it's a scanner or a monitor issue.  This is probably something I could go to lengths to adjust with Photoshop, but I would rather the scanner just actually produce something in the ballpark of the colors I'm looking at with my inferior human eyes. 

Oh, and then as I'm trying to muck about with settings to get to the root of the problem, the desktop cycles.  So yeah, the power supply hasn't magically fixed itself and can only handle about ten-fifteen minutes of being on before it goes splooie. 

The really frustrating part is that I have been trying to psych myself up all week to just get the scanning done already, and I knew this exact thing was going to happen, and I finally did it anyways and got rewarded for it by having the tech give me the finger.

And yes, I have my old desktop and I can probably get that hooked up again but that means I have to go unplug all the bits and find the other monitor cable because the old computer doesn't have the white monitor cable input only the blue one and I can't even remember if this monitor came with a blue cable and everything is impossible and I just can't right now.

I am not even going to think about what if my scanner needs updating, because even if it's more than ten years old that is not a thing that is going to happen anytime soon.

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Well, that's great.  My tablet is borked.  It's been doing this thing lately where it hiccups and loses all its settings, including pen pressure and how to move the cursor around the screen.  Which means it ends up making a blobby line instead of being able to taper the width of the pen stroke according to how hard I press down.  This is essentially like trying to draw after suddenly having your thumb chopped off.  Until this point, it was doing this maybe every 15-20 minutes and I could fix it by unplugging the cable and replugging it back in.  Now? Every ten seconds.  I cannot work like this.  

For goodness' sake, right in the middle of my November art project?  Seriously?  I know you've given me ten good years, tablet, but this is just begging me to go all Office Space on your ass once I've scraped together enough money and/or vital organs to get a new one from Wacom.  (Bastards.  No really but I love you guys.  Some day I will own a Cintiq.)

I guess I'll be breaking out the colored pencils and/or Copics tomorrow.  Sigh.  Now all I need is for the scanner to go splooie, too.

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