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For all the amazing things my birth control pill has done for me, the one symptom it has not even touched is the absolute whumping exhaustion I get for two or three days right before my period.  Yesterday I took a nap in the afternoon and a nap after dinner out of necessity.  I got a pretty decent night's sleep but I'm still just crawling along today.  Also my eyes are doing that thing where the muscles in your eye socket ache from being so tense and...yeah, I am not going to fault myself for taking it easy this afternoon too.

I'm apparently having my character's dreams too, because last night I dreamt that Nefin was a Canon and menacingly watching Dahlia in a jail cell from a scaffolding.  (This is totally a dream she would have.)
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1. I'm remembering that listening to music before bed helps immensely with the post-game emotional hangover the next morning.  It's like drinking plenty of water after booze, yes?  (I have never been able to drink enough to have a hangover, but this is my understanding.)  For each super-emotional RP scene you play, listen to at least one melodramatic-bittersweet song before going to bed.  I swear it works.

2.  Yay, game is back!  I got to have a scene between Dahlia and Nefin and I didn't screw it up and hopefully it set the right vector towards endgame!  (I swear to the gods we are not changing my ending again.  I like it how it is.)  It was so weird having the two of them speaking directly to one another.  Somewhere there's an alternate universe where Dahlia didn't get "killed" during the Gardens jailbreak, and the two of them reconciled early on and became a platonic crime-fighting duo or something.

3.  Now I need to write an interlude that happened just before this episode between the two of them and it's going to be a fine line to walk.  In my headcanon, Dahlia has a lot more visceral PTSD about him (and being stuck in a White Room-ish chapel and having him suddenly appear with her would be fucking terrifying and triggery for her), but it's difficult to play that out at table and keep it consistent.  Plus she needs to be able to be in the same space as him and functional in order to work out their issues, so that is limiting. 

4. And before I forget, I had the most amazing Steve and Bucky dream last night.  It was some sort of AU thing where they were both part of this secret assassin cult and Bucky had to go do this rite to keep an Elder God from waking up, but it was going to let the Elder God into his head.  And 99% of the time this results in the person going insane and the assassins have to kill them.  But after Bucky did the thing, Steve grabbed him and shook him and told him he had to fight it because otherwise, Steve was going to jump into Bucky's head to help fight it and he was going to die too.  So he made Bucky take back his mind to save him and it was amaaaaaazing and now I want to watch the Civil War movie.  Do I have to see the actual Avengers movies first?  Because I've only seen the Captain America ones.  : P
This dream probably brought to you by my brain making weird associations with HYDRA (the logo looks like Cthulhu!) and also this song, which is my unofficial Steve/Bucky anthem, being amongst my recent mp3 acquisitions.

Oh, brain.

Jun. 28th, 2015 10:25 am
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Apparently I shouldn't do tons of editing on game log right before going to bed.  Unless I want my brain doing a remix dream of everything that happened.  OH, WAIT.  Yes, that was awesome, let's do it again.

Sadly, I don't think an airship City incarnation during the First Age would have worked out so well.  As awesome as that was.  Maybe the Network-era Empress could have been an always-flying, fully armed and operational air station though.  Hmm...

And hey, it wasn't Alonzar that threw acid on me this time.  /snark

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