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Husband and I are continuing to forge through season 8 of Doctor Who (the DVR is under 40% for the first time in...years?).  So, a thought about the last couple episodes:

Spoilers through episode 8.09 of Doctor Who )
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Word having gone around that there are currently massive Doctor Who spoilers in the fandom news mill, I was more than ready to go into full spoiler prevention mode any time I saw the show's title in a DW post. 

What I was not ready for was MSNBC including said spoiler in the headline of a story on their front page.


Cannot unsee!

(no I did not read the story)

Seriously, they can figure out how not to spoil who wins American Idol etc. with their headlines, but apparently no one cares enough about an actual plot-driven drama show to bother.  Noooooo.

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We finished the season of Doctor Who we currently have on loan yesterday, so tonight we watched another episode of Upstairs, Downstairs (glee on finally having my own copy!).  Being the curious internet-wielding person I am, I went and looked up what things the various actors have done in their careers.  A few interesting discoveries:

Pauline Collins totally played Queen Victoria in this last season of Doctor Who!  I give myself a pass for not recognizing her, because, you know, 40 years added to her face and a completely different accent.  Apparently her first television role ever was in some 1967 episode of Doctor Who, also.

Jean Marsh, who is my absolute favorite on Upstairs, Downstairs, also had a role in early Doctor Who.  Apparently she was a companion for a 12-episode run.  But only three episodes of this are still extant, as far as anyone knows.  Wikipedia seems to say that the BBC used to wipe their tapes of TV episodes, back in the day, and now no one has a copy of nine of these episodes anymore.  I just...that hurts my soul.  Works of art should not disappear from the world.  Even back in the early days of broadcast television, how they could have a policy that destroys their original copies just boggles me.  I wish someone had been brave and snuck a copy home with them.

Can I have a time machine and the address of the BBC archives?  
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And mean.  I do not like Daleks.  I would very much like to not dream about turning into one again.  Especially now that I know what's inside them.

(Definitely my favorite episode thus far though.  Apparently I like angstyguilty!Doctor.)

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