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Well, I finished it.  The Visionary is done, stick a fork in it.  Unfortunately I have no brains remaining to make intelligent commentary on it right now or navigate the arcane process of uploading images, so you all will have to wait until I get home tomorrow to see it.  : P

Because I am constantly getting myself in over my head, I started a new crochet blanket yesterday.  This time I am learning how to do things that are made on a polar coordinate system instead of Cartesian!  In other words, I'm making squares right now.  Later there will be hexagons.  And then after that, I will get to figure out how to attach these all to one another.  *cries*

Right now though, I have made...6 squares out of 50.  Long project will be long.  I just hope I don't have to go buy more yarn because the other point of this blanket was to use up some of my leftovers so I can feel less bad about going and splurging on lovely soft Lion brand yarn.  I'm making this blanket in a green and yellow motif (gee I wonder why) and hopefully it will be done before football season for Husband to snuggle under.  Given that football doesn't return for almost five months, it had better be done by then!
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I call it American/Pride.

The second attempt at this scarf, and I definitely like the results better than the first one.  The colors are a little wonky in this photo, sorry.  Pen placed next to it for reference.

It’s good to be able to wear a bit of defiance around your neck when you’re out and about.

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I decided to make a second attempt at what I'm calling my American/Pride scarf (photos once I'm done).  The new stitch that I chose is a much denser weave, so more rows are needed for each stripe of color--specifically, ten.  Naturally, I like to forget how many rows I've done so far.  So what does a geek do?  She grabs a d10 out of her dice bag and uses that to keep track.  : P

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