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Saturday was interesting.  We shall see what Sunday brings.

1) I was able to do 90 lbs. on the bench press machine!  This was my target goal and unless I put on ten pounds between now and next weekend, I will not even have to do this much for the actual test. 

2) Spent like all day reading Gunnerkrigg Court.  Dammit [personal profile] kilroy .

3) Made a pot roast!  Yay!  Except that said pot roast did not get eaten because

4) We had a power outage half an hour before kickoff for the Packers game.  Luckily, we got a table at BWW just as the game started.

5) Packers won!  Woohoo!

So there is more football today and there will be leftover pot roast (for the first time). 

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They give me an opportunity to try recipes like this.  One of the reasons why I love making lamb is that we always have plenty of leftovers.  The boneless leg of lamb I made Monday went into the curry we had Tuesday and we'll get a third meal out of it tonight too.  It may be expensive up front, but after all is said and done it's only about $4 per person, per meal.  That's not terrible for a protein, at least every once in a while.

Plus, it's the epitome of delicious. 

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It seems like lately I've been using Mondays as an excuse to try out a new recipe and stretch my cooking skills.  This week I decided to make empanadas, which by my standards was an incredibly complicated recipe.  But I made every single thing from scratch, and it actually turned out pretty decent (the fiance seemed to enjoy them, in any case). 

We did finally get our registry done today, and there are innumerable kitchen appliances on the list.  So we'll see what I can cook up in September with a fully stocked kitchen.  :)

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