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Blugh.  I've been not particularly active lately because last week was eaten by being actively sick, and this week has so far been eaten by residual sick combined with whumping exhaustion.  My pipes are full of blech and trying to cough it up has resulted in fairly nasty headaches for the past couple days.  To compensate, I keep taking two hour naps after getting home from work--today I walked in the door, dropped everything, and fell straight into bed.  The poor kitty was stuck outside the bedroom door singing the song of her people and I'm sure was very confused why her human was ignoring her after finally coming back.

But one more day, and then I will have a three-day weekend.  I am going to sleep in so hard on Friday, people.  I am going to do exactly nothing that I don't want to do and leave my resting bitch face on all day without feeling anxiety over it.  Maybe if the weather permits I will take a sketchbook out to one of the local parks, who knows! 

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I got a little more done today despite having to stay almost two hours longer at work than I was originally scheduled.  After I came home, I had a quick lunch, a cup of chai, a lying-down-quietly for a few minutes, and then I got my butt up and did some painting. 

It went well, I think, but when Husband got home and I wrapped things up so I could make dinner, I was feeling unreasonably down instead of accomplished.  It's not fair; I just pulled myself up out of a funk by tooth and nail and I do not want to go back into one again.  I am going to hope that this is just exhaustion talking; I have definitely been having extraordinarily bad brain blips today.

Case in point: after Husband got home, he calls out to me from the bedroom asking if there should be a magazine in the clothes hamper.  I had meant to recycle it. *facepalm*

Also I went looking for a tupperware in the hall pantry (there are absolutely no tupperwares there), and tried to put the tupperware of leftover bell peppers in a cabinet instead of the fridge.  Oy. 

Left to do tonight:  I owe an email and should start working on Access chapter two.  In about twenty minutes I'm also going to get a call for Senator Warren's tele-conference which will hopefully be interesting (and better than the say-nothing blah one our local House rep gave last week).  Here's the link if anyone is interested; they will also send you a recording of it in a day or two if you can't join in tonight.

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...because I was absolutely whomping exhausted during the day, came home and fell unconscious for an hour and a half, and am now super wired from game even if I should be in bed already (tomorrow is probably going to suck). 

Tonight's major happening from game:
Dahlia and Nefin sitting in a tree
K-I-S-S-I-N-Oh gods horrible past life flashback why

...we all knew this was where this was going, don't know why Nefin was so surprised. 

(I kind of want floofy shoujo comic style fanart of the kiss part though and yes I know I can make it myself shush you)

As I am clearly losing coherence by the second, I should probably just take myself off to bed now, huh.
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More and more lately, I think the PSU/cooling system in my brain is going on the fritz.

Over the course of a day, just dealing with normal everyday stuff gradually makes things get het up and het up until finally I'm at a stage of cannot deal with any more input and by the way is there a bucket of ice water I can dunk my head in?

I really don't know how to describe it properly other than that my brains feel fried.  If I were a computer my cooling fan would be making the gronk of death noise and the magic smoke would be coming out of my ears.  I think yesterday it was actually causing me to run a mild temperature.  After I made dinner I fell over on the couch and shut down for half an hour, which helped for a bit.  But.

I wish I could just take a can-o-air and fix it but the directions on the can say not to use it on people.  I think I shall trust the directions.
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Six in the morning looks so different from the other side.  I suppose now I need to get ready to travel for an hour and a half to go to that pre-examination orientation session.  If I didn't love my future career so much, this would be so much less awesome.  (Also, the fact that I think night shift is so for me is a scary realization.)

Who knows, maybe I'll get something done this weekend once I'm coherent again.

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