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But not unwelcome!  I think Buffalo surprised everyone today, especially Boston.  It's great that a different team ended up winning the Isobel Cup for the second year of the NWHL (I just wish it had been the Rivs... ;__;).  Especially such an underdog as Buffalo was coming into the finals, barely getting into third place.  I suspect if they'd had to play Boston and New York in the opposite order, it would have been a very different story.

(I really need to make myself some sort of hockey user icon.)

I was also rooting for Buffalo going into this game because I saw that Harrison Browne decided to retire at the end of the season, and I wanted him to get his name on the Cup before he went.  Although I think he's planning on staying involved with the league in an advisory capacity, which is great all around.  It sounds like Brianne McLaughlin is also retiring, but what a game to go out with.  She was the reason they won today, and definitely deserved the MVP.

The rink they played in for this game was much better from the broadcasting standpoint, even if the crowd looked a lot smaller spread out across a rink that has seats all the way around it.  I hope they can update the visual feeds for the home ice venues next year to the level this one had, because it makes a huge difference for the broadcast/streaming quality.  It's a damn shame that they are usually stuck in practice rinks that don't have the kind of A/V support they need to really make it a viable viewing experience for people watching remotely.

I can't wait to see how next season goes!  Hopefully they can get more sponsorship deals and some games on TV.  That would be spectacular.  (And one year closer to potential expansion, yey.)

OMG wot.

Sep. 13th, 2015 09:42 am
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See anything interesting?

BWAH.  That was unexpected.  It's not exactly the most accessible of interludes, but apparently people liked it.

It's funny because usually when I have a bunch of messages in my inbox, I try to temper my expectations by thinking, "Oh, they're not for you, they're just notifications of arts by the people you're watching."  NOT THIS TIME.

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As of today, husband is officially a licensed attorney.  Congratulations, sweetie!

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