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Noema card titled "The Fountain"

The Fountain represents our ability to overcome adversity and start anew, either through determination and inspiration or through the simple passage of time. This Ikon washes the past away, allowing us to move on however much our lives and selves may have changed.

This is the seventeenth card of twenty-seven. It is very strange to think that there are only ten left (not counting Virtues, of which I think I will do twelve total if I have the energy).

I should do a Conjunction next, preferably something that does not require extensive amounts of foliage.
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Over the weekend I finished a watercolor painting I've been working on for a while. For your viewing pleasure (one hopes):
Deepest Forest--watercolor painting

Now I just need to keep working on The Fountain. I think it will not be nearly as long a project as the previous card, thankfully.
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Griorgair's Visionary

The Visionary is the part of us that creates grand designs and tries to execute them-- that wants to change the world and believes that it can be done. Unlike the Stargazer, the Visionary's plans come from within; but both frequently result in lifelong quests and obsessions. Out of all the aspects, the Visionary is the most likely to create something which will stand the test of time; but in exchange it is also an engine of perpetual dissatisfaction with the way things are.

This is number 16 of 27! Progress is being made! I was hoping to have more done by halfway through frickin' April, but this card was understandably complicated. There was a lot of figuring geometric things out as I went along, and there were most definitely things that did not make the final cut.

I think I will leave the next card up to the random number generator. I've had some ideas for the Courtier, but it needs more time to percolate.
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Well, I finished it.  The Visionary is done, stick a fork in it.  Unfortunately I have no brains remaining to make intelligent commentary on it right now or navigate the arcane process of uploading images, so you all will have to wait until I get home tomorrow to see it.  : P

Because I am constantly getting myself in over my head, I started a new crochet blanket yesterday.  This time I am learning how to do things that are made on a polar coordinate system instead of Cartesian!  In other words, I'm making squares right now.  Later there will be hexagons.  And then after that, I will get to figure out how to attach these all to one another.  *cries*

Right now though, I have made...6 squares out of 50.  Long project will be long.  I just hope I don't have to go buy more yarn because the other point of this blanket was to use up some of my leftovers so I can feel less bad about going and splurging on lovely soft Lion brand yarn.  I'm making this blanket in a green and yellow motif (gee I wonder why) and hopefully it will be done before football season for Husband to snuggle under.  Given that football doesn't return for almost five months, it had better be done by then!

Taboo art

Mar. 29th, 2017 08:38 pm
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I got an email today that said our college library is putting together a display of "transformed" books for National Library Week--books that have been altered by being drawn on, had things pasted on, had the pages cut up to make 3-D effects, etc.  They are asking for loans of any such books people might have.

I just...do not know how to feel about this.  Well, I know how I feel.  It causes an immediate and visceral negative reaction in me.  I cannot imagine taking a knife to a book, even to create art out of it.  I've never been able to even highlight or underline in textbooks, let alone dog ear pages.  I just don't know whether this is a mala prohibita thing that is just my own bibliophilic moralizing, or if it's actually a mala in se offense that goes against the Good and Just order of the universe.

It's not like I have delicate sensibilities when it comes to art.  "Piss Christ" didn't faze me, and I can just shrug at Christo's "let's cover a bridge with tarps" installations (I do worry about the environmental impact, though I think he makes efforts to minimize it).  But I wouldn't break into someone's house to steal their paints, and I wouldn't go into a museum and scribble on paintings someone has already made.  That's what cutting on books feels like to me--these are already works of art, complete, and they belong to everyone in the sense that they are physical records of the human body of knowledge. 

I just think about what would happen if we have a nuclear apocalypse, and how precious that knowledge would be.  Can you imagine being one of the monks from Canticle for Leibowitz, and you come across this treasure trove of "transformed" books?  How devastating it would be to find these texts, chopped to bits and missing half or more of their information. 

So, yes.  I will never be able to bring myself to make art out of books in any way that damages them.  Alas, it is the way of things that there is not a damned thing I can do to keep others from doing so.

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Grace: Balance (inks)

The center holds.

The first (semi)complete piece in Emergence. This is the first of a triptych, and I will almost certainly be coloring it at some point. Working on this was...an experience. I am still trying to organize my thoughts and get over myself, but for now enjoy.

(Also, thank you DW for enabling image hosting. This works wonderfully.)
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...coffee, tea, or chai?

While the answer I would like to give is "Yes, please," ultimately that would not be in any way healthy for me.  So today I think the answer is coffee. 

I'm quite worn out mentally after what is my longest day at work, but at least there was plenty going on to keep my brain alert.  Now the trick is to still have something left in the tank for getting things done tonight.  I would really like to get my scanner software loaded onto this laptop so I can just plug in and quickly scan things, but uugh drivers etc. and what if it doesn't work because my scanner is old.  Like, almost old enough to drive a car old.  My kingdom for a wireless scanner.  : (

But I really should get the scanner up and running tonight, because I feel bad that I have made some progress on arts and just haven't turned them electronic to share.  My executive function, this is one of its weak spots.  This is another reason why I really want a wireless scanner, because every little bit of obstacle I can remove is that much less activation energy it takes to actually get fricking work done.  It is actually not good for me to have all of my art things neatly tidied away, because if it's out of arms' reach that is just another thing I have to overcome to get started.

Brains, can I trade mine in for a better model?

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If I had to sum up the past couple days, it would be "blaaarg".  I've come down with some sort of sick that is all in my chest, and I'm desperately trying not to lose my voice.  I had to apologize to some people on the phone for being all croaky today.  It is really quite unpleasant, and I do not handle being sick graciously.  "Whinging" is a symptom that seems to always accompany it.  : P

Otherwise, I read this really good TED talk today (yes, read, I tend to be able to follow better by reading the transcript instead of watching the video).  This is something that all creative people should think about, no matter whose story they decide they are telling.  I think personally my art owes a lot to my experiences as socialized-female and cis-female-bodied.  It's not to say that people whose experiences don't mirror mine couldn't find meaning there, but much of what I do is in coming to grips with myself. 

But I think it's likely that no one can put into their art universal truths of the human experience, because such a thing does not exist.  Even the one big thing that everyone experiences--death--is not something that everyone approaches the same way.  So we shouldn't say of anything that this is "the" story--it is only "a" story.

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I got a little more done today despite having to stay almost two hours longer at work than I was originally scheduled.  After I came home, I had a quick lunch, a cup of chai, a lying-down-quietly for a few minutes, and then I got my butt up and did some painting. 

It went well, I think, but when Husband got home and I wrapped things up so I could make dinner, I was feeling unreasonably down instead of accomplished.  It's not fair; I just pulled myself up out of a funk by tooth and nail and I do not want to go back into one again.  I am going to hope that this is just exhaustion talking; I have definitely been having extraordinarily bad brain blips today.

Case in point: after Husband got home, he calls out to me from the bedroom asking if there should be a magazine in the clothes hamper.  I had meant to recycle it. *facepalm*

Also I went looking for a tupperware in the hall pantry (there are absolutely no tupperwares there), and tried to put the tupperware of leftover bell peppers in a cabinet instead of the fridge.  Oy. 

Left to do tonight:  I owe an email and should start working on Access chapter two.  In about twenty minutes I'm also going to get a call for Senator Warren's tele-conference which will hopefully be interesting (and better than the say-nothing blah one our local House rep gave last week).  Here's the link if anyone is interested; they will also send you a recording of it in a day or two if you can't join in tonight.

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I fully intended to start working on the meeting log this weekend, but the time got away from me and to be honest, I needed to recover.  There was much napping, and I've still got a bit of a headache lingering even now (serves me right for going out Magikarp hunting, I guess).  I really hope that goes away overnight, as tomorrow is my long day at work and it's likely to be busy with the next round of classes starting.

Got less art done than I was hoping as well, though I started penciling out a new watercolor piece.  Not the one I thought I would be doing, but it will hopefully be interesting.  And therapeutic.  I do need to get back to working on the Visionary this week, though, because we're already into the fifth day of the second month and I have finished exactly zero Noema cards. 

Also, I am sick of the Patriots and how teams always forget to finish them off.  Grawr.  Cheating cheaters should not win championships.  I suppose it is a reminder that there is no justice but what we make.
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I'm trying a new thing where I keep my netbook in my studio as much as I can.  It's a good incentive to 1) spend more time in here, and 2) not putz around on the internet all night while flopped on the couch.  It's yet to be determined whether this is successful or not, although I did manage to spend almost three hours arting yesterday.

The problem is that I've definitely reached the point where I am just slogging forward with the Visionary without feeling like it's coming together, and I'm afraid I'm going to get ten more hours into it and it's going to become painfully clear that I've screwed it up beyond fixing.  It requires a measure of trust, and trust in myself, and I absolutely do not have that right now. 

...okay, so I've unplugged the netbook and am camping on the couch right now, but it's for a good cause.  I'm being a good citizen and watching the mayoral primary debate for our city.  The good news is that two of the three candidates seem to be highly qualified and it's going to be difficult to choose between them.  I like having good choices.

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Though sometimes it feels more like crawling.  I was successful at sitting down and getting more work done on the Visionary, which is going soooo slowly and requires so many shapes.  I have figured out the Photoshop shortcuts to make the program do some of the heavy lifting there, but it still requires me to visualize what I want.  This is difficult when I'm attacking a lot of subject matter I'm not familiar with.  And I'm still somewhat worried that once I have all the bits constructed  I won't be able to make them fit right and it will all turn out a mess.

Thankfully, Husband took dinner from the "chicken patties are in the oven" stage to "plates done, ready to eat" while I crashed on the couch and passed out for a few minutes.  Work was very ridiculously busy today, being the first day of classes, and I had a very long day of feeling like I was not at all getting things done for people and they are going to give me the Judgment of Shame. 

Now I'm probably going to do some video games before bedtime; I finished Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright over the weekend (so Masque-y, y'all), so it's either back to FF3 or Gyakuten Kenji 2.  I'm feeling much more confident about the latter since the last time I was playing it; I've progressed to something like 1,300 kanji and I know a lot of the more specialized vocab now.  This is very necessary, since this is the first game in the series to have a portion of gameplay with a timed element.  I could flail around wildly and keep reloading my save file, but I might as well try to do it properly.
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I do not know why I am so tired today, after sleeping so long last night and the night before.  I suppose it was not really the most restful sleep if you go by the kind of dreams I had--lots of running away, and that weird thing where you actually feel pain in the dream.

Even so, I have been unconscionably lazy and unproductive today.  The Packers game was on, of course, and thank you [personal profile] kayote  and spouse for the jigsaw puzzle--it was quite fun and took the edge off the nail-biter of a game nicely.

I really need to actually spend some time tomorrow working on creative stuff, and not waste all three of my long weekend days.  It has been very difficult to work past the funk I've been in the past couple days, though.  And by "been very difficult" I mean "I haven't managed it yet".  Too many things that can all demand my attention, and too much wibbly wobbly feelings.

*le sigh*  Tomorrow is another day.

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This morning, I have successfully (finally) framed a piece of my original art.  It was not very difficult but boy was it nerve-wracking working with the linen tape.  Have learned one or two things to avoid for the next go-round, at the very least.  And now I actually have all the supplies on hand, so I don't have any excuses for putting it off in the future.

([personal profile] kilroy , if you are still interested in it, the Swan Daughter is ready for delivery.)

Maybe I will even continue this streak and try to stretch a sheet of watercolor paper today.  I predict it will not go nearly as well as the framing, unfortunately.  And is likely to get much, much messier. 
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Did I call it or did I call it: I did not in fact finish my Noema deck last year.  I did get to the halfway point, which I suppose is an accomplishment.

This year's intent: finish two cards a month.  I think this is a pace I can sustain, given what I got done during October, but it means I will have to marshal my energy after getting home from work and sequester myself in my studio. 

Currently I have started the Visionary, and I may work on the Courtier after/in between that.  I've got an image in my head that needs refining for the Courtier, but it is more than I have for any of the others right now. 

Right this moment, I am just trying to make sure this weekend is productive--Husband has just left for Wisconsin (Go Pack Go!) and will probably not be back until Monday.  This gives me a window of ease-of-working where I don't have to worry about another person being in the house, so I want to take advantage of it. 
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Last weekend my parents brought what (we think) is the last of my stuff they were holding on to.  I swear I'm still missing some books, including a collection of Doré's illustrations of the Divine Comedy that I really want to have back, dammit.  However, there were stacks upon stacks of old notebooks and sketchbooks that I've been going through.  I'm very glad for having a big recycle bin, because most of it wasn't worth keeping.  

I also did not realize how much Sailor Moon fanart I produced in middle school.  Reams upon reams of it.  Hundreds if not thousands of pictures.  Almost all of which was utter crap and went directly in the bin.  I have very little in the way of nostalgic sentiment for that sort of thing, so unless something had good creative ideas, away it went.  There is a very distinct sort of satisfaction that comes of tidying up and clearing out one's possessions, at least for me.

There were also some things in my school notebooks that make me glad no teachers ever read them, and that I mostly got through school by the time Columbine overreaction got into full swing.  It wasn't anything too horrible, but these days I'm pretty sure that kind of blowing off steam about bullies is the sort of thing that ends with twelve year olds in handcuffs. 
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Large image beneath the cut )

Finally, finally was able to finish this.  I had to get my studio door up so that the cat couldn’t get into my paints first.

This is based off a fairy tale [personal profile] cereta  and [personal profile] kilroy  invented, about the Moon taking a swan as his queen.   However, a woodcutter fell in love with her as well and conspired to steal her away from the tower the Moon had made for her.

By far this was the most challenging watercolor painting I’ve done so far.  I wouldn’t say it was 100% successful, but I do like it overall.

The Tower

Nov. 13th, 2016 08:57 pm
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Large image beneath the cut )
The card of tumultuous change and loss, the Tower describes challenges strong enough to crack the very foundations of identity. Anything we build is fragile; there are forces beyond our control which can take away anything we hold dear. Such destruction is always painful but not necessarily final-- the Ikon calls change down upon us, but we can survive it if we also change.

The random number generator that made me start this card during October must have known something I didn't, because I can't think of a more appropriate theme for the foreseeable future.  I'm so very afraid that everything is coming to a shatter point--if it already hasn't--and I admit that I am a coward who doesn't want to live through that.  I want, most of all, humans to survive the next century without either blowing ourselves up or making the atmosphere entirely uninhabitable. 

It's been very difficult to set those fears aside and get to work.  I think if my religion didn't now viscerally repel me, I would be taking solace there.  In the absence of that, I have to turn to my more fundamental belief in Beauty and Creation, and it's hard to see the point of making things right now.  It also feels like a cop-out, that I should be out in the streets protesting or being a clinic escort or donating my time to some cause, somewhere, that might actually make a difference.  Otherwise how could I possibly be adding to the world instead of taking away?

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Large image beneath the cut )
The Empress is our drive for control, both of ourselves and the world around us. She is the ego, representing our identity as it reflects our desires and the way in which we express them. The Empress sets the rules and does what is necessary to ensure they are followed. The Ikon is most often associated with direct and obvious manifestations of power, but she also encompasses the subtler forces we use to influence the world around us.

I said I was going to keep making beautiful things, so I am.

This card was really difficult to finish given the events of election night.  I am afraid that the negative aspects of it are everything we're going to have to be fighting for the next years.  But naming a thing is the first step in fighting it, so here.  I reject despots and authoritarianism, and inasmuch as I obey a higher force, it is the Constitution--which is the highest law of our land, and let's not forget it.
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Hooray, I have finished another card.  This is #13 of 27, so I am very nearly halfway done.  With the Ikons.  I'm not even thinking about Virtues, argh.

Duty is the Ikon of service to something outside ourselves, whether it be a person, idea, code, country, family, or organization. Sometimes the call comes from outside, but the obligation can also come unasked from within ourselves. All incarnations of Duty involve some level of sacrifice, even if only through a limitation of choices; but not all service is repaid and not all Duty is just.
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