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On our way back into town from visiting the in-laws this weekend, we stopped by the garden store and picked out some plants for the front yard.  It turned out to be really fortuitous timing, as there was a massive Memorial Day weekend sale.  Combined with a coupon, I got a lilac shrubling for eighteen dollars.  At regular price it was going for fifty.  I hemmed and hawed a bit about where to plant it, but ended up putting it on the left side of our driveway.  I would have liked it closer to my studio window, but I may very well put in more of them if this one works out.

That's a very big "if", since I seem to have something of a black thumb.  I really need to stick to hardy plants because I have no idea what I'm doing--about the only thing I've been able to grow on my own is catgrass and catnip, so far. We also got daylilies and a couple of what I believe are Asiatic lilies (they were not very well-marked, but the blooms will be very beautiful if I don't kill them). 

I am very happy to have a lilac on my property, even if it may be a while before it is a proper shrub.  They have a lot of personal meaning to me, and it is an appropriate time in my life to have one as a reminder of that.
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