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Sorry I've been so scarce for the last week or so.  Work has been an absolute bear, and any time that was not scheduled for something, I was using to try to recuperate and rally my energy.  It was stressful enough that when the week was finally done, I nearly got a rebound cold.  Thankfully, the scritchiness in my throat and the splitting headache eased off today, so I think I am out of the woods. 

I finished the squares for my blanket and have moved on to octagons.  It's nice to be working with colors instead of all white yarn again.  I just hope it all comes together in the end and I don't run out of green or yellow too early.  : /

Speaking of blankets, I finally had to replace my cloud blanket on Friday.  Poor thing.  I bought it before I went off to high school, which means...it is about 16 years old.  *cries*  To be clear, it was not my choice to replace it.  I knew it was on its last legs what with the filling spilling out in half a dozen places.  But the cat had other designs, and I really don't think it would have survived another trip through the washing machine after she barfed all over it.  *cries more*

I sincerely considered giving the blanket a viking funeral, but in the end I just thanked it for its service in keeping me warm all these years and threw it in the trash.  Then I spent waaaay too long trying to find a replacement at the mall.  See, my cloud blanket was made of a fabric they described as "T-shirt material".  It was so soft, and I am very particular when it comes to tactile sensations, so I wanted to find something similar.  Apparently this was too much to ask, as all the department stores only have cruddy scratchy polyester fabric comforters, but I eventually found something at Target that I could stand.  It is not quite as soft to the touch, but it is good enough and much pwuffier than the old blanket. 

Anyhoo.  There is much more that happened this week, but that is all I have for tonight.
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