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...coffee, tea, or chai?

While the answer I would like to give is "Yes, please," ultimately that would not be in any way healthy for me.  So today I think the answer is coffee. 

I'm quite worn out mentally after what is my longest day at work, but at least there was plenty going on to keep my brain alert.  Now the trick is to still have something left in the tank for getting things done tonight.  I would really like to get my scanner software loaded onto this laptop so I can just plug in and quickly scan things, but uugh drivers etc. and what if it doesn't work because my scanner is old.  Like, almost old enough to drive a car old.  My kingdom for a wireless scanner.  : (

But I really should get the scanner up and running tonight, because I feel bad that I have made some progress on arts and just haven't turned them electronic to share.  My executive function, this is one of its weak spots.  This is another reason why I really want a wireless scanner, because every little bit of obstacle I can remove is that much less activation energy it takes to actually get fricking work done.  It is actually not good for me to have all of my art things neatly tidied away, because if it's out of arms' reach that is just another thing I have to overcome to get started.

Brains, can I trade mine in for a better model?

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