Mar. 24th, 2017 09:25 pm
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As previously mentioned, today was a day off work for me--the college has been off on spring break this week, but staff still were expected to be there except for today.  It's been a long week of cleaning and organizing, interspersed with the kind of fatigue that comes of working in an office without an outward-facing window, for longer hours than I'm used to in order to make up for the day off, and with very little of interest actually going on.

Today, though.  Today I did whatever I felt like and nothing I didn't.  I slept in until 9:30 and felt so refreshed and alert afterwards.  There was a nice leisurely cup of coffee and then breakfast (which is the order I prefer when I have my druthers).  The weather was gorgeous, sunny and warm with a little breeze, so I went to the park.  With this week's nest migration on Pokemon Go, there were Teddiursa at that park and I was finally able to get enough to evolve an Ursaring!  Plus I brought my sketchbook and drew some trees, though the wind was making things difficult.

Then it was home for a nice hot relaxing bath, making more progress on reading It, and playing sooo much Torment.  I am liking it even more as I get deeper into it, and I really hope I don't run into any more interesting-looking party members because I like the three I have quite well thank you!  For the TNT peeps:  I totally have Shadow in my party~~  (Seriously, she's a little girl with the ability "God of Hiding".  It makes me happy.)

So all in all, it was an extremely relaxing and batteries-recharging day.  And I still have two more days off in front of me before it's back to work again.

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