Mar. 9th, 2017

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This is the part where I come clean up front to say that I am mostly writing so that I can check off my "journal" task on Habit and have the perfect day buff tomorrow.

(Don't judge; it will motivate me to actually do something with my afternoon because my tasks will be worth more monster-killing.)

I'm looking very forward to the weekend because I didn't get much of one last week, at least by my standards of having a certain amount of time not being around people.  We went to visit my parents and while it was a good time, I didn't have much "me" time.  So I've kind of been aimless this week and could use a recharge.  Here's hoping the time change on Sunday will not throw me off too badly.  Plus side: more sun at the end of the day.  Minus side: blaaarg losing an hour of sleep.

I'm kind of glad I'm learning about Access in a course, because I keep thinking up new and interesting ways to use it to help consolidate my record keeping and if it were up to me I would be charging into learning Forms already and probably missing some important things.  But I am so impatient; I want to start mucking about with my test database and I really really need to know how to do Forms in order to make the design work!  Le sigh.

Hokay, I think this is sufficient.  Let's all hope tomorrow my head is on straight.

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