Mar. 8th, 2017

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The past few days I have been working against my brain rather than with it, which has unfortunately meant that not much is getting done.  Besides having to disbelieve my bad!brain telling me untrue things, I'm just finding it damned hard to concentrate on much at all.  I have about half a dozen things on my to-do list that I really ought to get to, but I'm pulled in all directions and can't manage to sit down and start any of them. 

Plus, the new Torment game came out last week and I started a play-through.  I'm trying (mostly successfully) to limit my play time so that it doesn't eat my life.  So far the game is quite fun and fascinating in the same way as the original.  I'm purposefully avoiding anything like a strategy guide so I can try to work through it without any spoilers or direction.  My dominant tides seem to be tending towards Blue and Silver, and I feel slightly guilty whenever I do something that adds to Red.  : /

The art is gorgeous though, and much more colorful (un-dreary) than the first Torment.  I can see why this took so long to make.  I look forward to finding out what the heck is up with my party members, also.  There are Stories there, I can tell.

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