Feb. 11th, 2017

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I've been saying to myself since the election that American Christianity desperately needs to reset its priorities.  It needs to get away from homophobia and anti-abortion and focus on the sort of things that are at the heart of New Testament morality--social obligation and caring for one another.  I'm sure there are plenty of churches out there that are doing good social work, and I'm mostly talking about the Evangelical side of the spectrum here, to be clear.

So, here's a woman who's got her priorities straight.  It makes my heart glad.

I feel slightly guilty that I'm not working for this kind of change in the Catholic Church I grew up in, but at this point I think it would take an actual literal miracle for me to go back to that.  The mythology of the Church (and I use that phrasing in deliberate reference to Dogma) has lost all resonance with me, and I do not find any place for myself in the story it tells of Creation and the ordering of humanity. 

But that's okay.  I'm making my own faith, bit by bit, sketch by sketch and line by line, and if it is all Woman and syncretic of the things that still do mean something to me of the religion I was born into, that's fine.  There is plenty of religion for Men--I want something that reflects the person I am and want to be. 

I always hated the parts of Mass where everyone bows their heads.  I always defied it and lifted my head up to look at the beautiful things in the church.  Divinity should not press us down; we should rise up and strive to meet it.

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