Jan. 17th, 2017

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Though sometimes it feels more like crawling.  I was successful at sitting down and getting more work done on the Visionary, which is going soooo slowly and requires so many shapes.  I have figured out the Photoshop shortcuts to make the program do some of the heavy lifting there, but it still requires me to visualize what I want.  This is difficult when I'm attacking a lot of subject matter I'm not familiar with.  And I'm still somewhat worried that once I have all the bits constructed  I won't be able to make them fit right and it will all turn out a mess.

Thankfully, Husband took dinner from the "chicken patties are in the oven" stage to "plates done, ready to eat" while I crashed on the couch and passed out for a few minutes.  Work was very ridiculously busy today, being the first day of classes, and I had a very long day of feeling like I was not at all getting things done for people and they are going to give me the Judgment of Shame. 

Now I'm probably going to do some video games before bedtime; I finished Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright over the weekend (so Masque-y, y'all), so it's either back to FF3 or Gyakuten Kenji 2.  I'm feeling much more confident about the latter since the last time I was playing it; I've progressed to something like 1,300 kanji and I know a lot of the more specialized vocab now.  This is very necessary, since this is the first game in the series to have a portion of gameplay with a timed element.  I could flail around wildly and keep reloading my save file, but I might as well try to do it properly.

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