Jan. 4th, 2017

korafox: (kilian)
I have realized that there is a fairly sharp distinction between types of tv dramas: in some of them, the conflict is intra-party, and in others, the party teams up to confront an exterior threat.  I'm coming to recognize that I much, much prefer the latter in my tv viewing.  Possibly part of this is because half the time intra-party conflict ends up feeling contrived, but I also get a nice hit of joy at seeing people have each others' backs.

One of the occasionally annoying things about Pitch is that 3/4ths of the episodes are about the main characters dealing with some exterior conflict (MLB trade deadline, endorsements, etc.) and in the other quarter the writers decide to make everyone pissed off at each other for an episode.  I do not want this!  I want Blip the best buddy and Lawson the mentor.  Unfortunately, it seems like they may go for the other kind of drama for the last two episodes of season one, based on the previews, because of course they will. 

At least once we finish Pitch, we'll almost certainly be moving on to the most recent Librarians season, so I expect I can get my teamwork jollies there.

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